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d6-gemini 150 150 John Sandbach

* Gemini-6


Degree Angel: Manakel (MA-na-KEL) Accountability, Knowledge of Good and Evil, Interacting/Experimental




Omega Symbol: In the far north an ancient tower carved of ice.


You have so many thoughts, and perceive so many ideas that it can become very difficult for you to decide where to focus or how to put them all together. You need to not let this overwhelm you. Instead, keep focused on the flow of things, and know that all will get to where it needs to go. There is a spiritual rightness at work beneath all things. The simple intent to stay attuned to it is your magic.


Pleiadian Symbol: A sinkhole opens up into the earth.


Finding a way in to exploring the deeper and hidden aspects of the physical realm. That which one thought secure falls away to reveal hidden worlds of meaning and wonder to be explored below.  The ground in this symbol is unstable, and its sinking allows an opening into all that is beneath – including those contents of self which we’ve denied and/or repressed.


Chandra Symbol: A claw foot holding a ball.


Here is the attempt to grasp wholes, and to overcome the potentially fragmented quality of Gemini, just as in the Omega Symbol what is usually liquid – water – is fixed into a substantial form up which one can ascend to get an overview of the surrounding territory. The struggle is not in trying to put things together – they already have a divine structure and purpose – but to resist the distractions of lesser, trivial things.


Azoth Symbol: A book of formulas.


The accumulation of root methods and concepts.  You sense strongly that there are ways to do anything of which anyone can conceive, and you know there are always alternative methods of accomplishing anything as well as the potential of modifying any recipe to suit personal needs.  The gemini cleverness is here summarized and compacted into a great compendium.  All you need do is open to your inner wisdom, and its all there.


Seed Degree: Gemini – 3


An invisible man wandering in the night. (Omega Symbol). When we perceive to an extent the overall pattern of spiritual realities, we are able to explore the depths of the self more freely and openly.


A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle. (Chandra Symbol). Sensing the pure aliveness at the center of ourselves, we are able to grasp wholeness – the magic antidote to fragmentation, lack, and incompleteness.


Fulfillment Degree: Virgo – 6


Talismans buried here and there along the road so that travelers will be protected. (Omega Symbol). Perceiving how we can be substantially supported by our own emotions, we tap in to the protective influences we find on every hand as we journey forward through time.


A banyan tree that creates an entire forest. (Chandra Symbol). From the clarity and eternal completeness of consciousness springs with wonderfully complicated tree of life, ever growing, renewing and expanding.


Omega Oracle


The cold allowed the water to achieve a stillness it could never attain in the sea. A waterspout arose and froze and a man filled it with stairs and visited the top, where he witnessed the aurora borealis casting its tremulous lights across the white land. The tower patiently absorbed his fear of falling, and even invited him to sleep for awhile in the air, for to traverse the long arctic night required many dreams.

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