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Aries 5. A woman harvesting rose petals to make perfume. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: MAHASIAH (mah-HA-see-YAH) Healing, Rectification)


Your loving and positive intentions can be a healing balm to yourself and others. You have the ability to stay attuned to a spiritual wavelength which simplifies, harmonizes and elevates the atmosphere around you. To the extent that you can just be yourself all negativity falls away and your path opens clearly before you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.” So many kisses, so many rose petals – the drop by drop accumulation of love which gradually accumulates a focus of spiritual light in the physical realm. The hardness of stone meets the softness of a kiss and finally, at last, the stone disappears, is worn away, just as, also, the fragrance of divine love as embodied in the rose distills itself into a healing balm.

Pleiadian Symbol: Gently a feather falls from the sky, settling on a gigantic pyramid.  Delicacy and gentleness supported by great power. A light encountering of the heaviness of the world and of profundities.

Azoth Symbol: Sowers of grain are singing.  The bringing of a confident and joyous attitude to all beginnings.

Seed Degree: Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years. (Omega Symbol). The gold gathered is transmuted into a higher form – love, whose healing fragrance is once again dispersed.

A crown turns into goat horns. (Chandra Symbol). Empowerment, fully assimilated, expressed as devotion to an ideal.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 1: A magician inventing many new techniques. (Omega Symbol). The roses’ fragrance seeps in everywhere, giving birth to a whole garden of inspirations.

A divorced husband and wife enjoying each others’ company. (Chandra Symbol). Devotion to the spiritual light opens one’s eyes to the connectedness that is beyond separation.


A certain girl, a harvester of roses, is considered sacred by the farmers who tend flowers to make perfume.

This young lady, whose shyness prevents me from recording her name, has the power to gather petals of great potency, a mere handful of which will produce the most redolent perfume.

She tells me that she does not select particular blooms but rather harvests all that she finds, though the ones she brings in her baskets to the extracting vats are always of a startling fragrance, while the petals harvested by other gatherers must be amassed in far greater numbers to yield the same potency.

The seer Azima says that the secret of this mystery lies in the fact that the Rose Spirit has taken up residence in the girl’s heart, and is able to flow out through her loving hands as she carries out her task.

Azoth Oracle

The songs of the grain sowers of Aab are not traditional, for every year new songs are sung, songs so beautiful that musicians come to the fields to record them so that they may play them to others.

The sowers say they do not make up these songs, but rather the grain sings through them as they allow their voices to become the voice of the grain.  They explain that the seeds are full of joy to find the soil at last, and that the grain of Aab, which is noted for its great vitality and fecundity, is made potent by hearing its own voice being sung by the sowers as it is sown.




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