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d4 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 4. A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: ELEMIAH (el-EM-ee-AH) Eliminating Negative Thoughts, Construction of Universe/Worlds)


This degree works to clear away everything that stands in its way, and is willing to go to whatever length it has to to transcend its own limitations and triumph over the ghosts of the past. It has an innate ability to seek out and destroy toxic energies, even if this means that structures need to be torn down.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A cup overflowing with clear water.” Where clear water flows no mold can grow – the key being the FLOWING. What is so very spontaneous and easy in one sense – the overflowing cup – becomes messy and arduous and terribly difficult in another context – the man destroying the wall. But the two approaches have the same result: PURIFICATION. The more we can let go of fear and the belief that life has to be difficult, the more we can live in the reality of the cup overflowing.

Pleiadian Symbol: The thoughts and feelings of two lovers are changing the direction of the path on which they are walking.  The ability to allow energy to spontaneously follow the course it seems to want to follow rather than following set agendas.

Azoth Symbol: Letters formed of writhing glowing snakes.  The ability to imbue all one’s communication with a vibrant and heartfelt energy that carries deep wisdom.

Seed Degree: Taurus 7

A man cleansing his aura with pink light. (Omega Symbol). Saturated with love we are prepared to tear down the toxic edifices of the past.

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer. (Chandra Symbol). What is asked of the earth is given. The clear red stone, lovingly and carefully etched with the magic formula leads us to the wellspring of joy and delight.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 1

Rainbows slowly moving across a white wall. (Omega Symbol). The dark ruins of the past have disintegrated. The light is free again to play on the empty screen of consciousness.

A potter at work. (Chandra Symbol) The formless waters of creation, gushing forth, are captured and contained by the potter’s art.


He swings the bright axe. The wall cracks, chunks of plaster crash to the floor, the black mold’s tentacles exposed to the light.

As he hacks away he remembers – not one thing but a residue of many things, a dark blur of dreams and fragments of memories which have slept and grown and accumulated in these walls for untold generations.

The roof caves. Sun and wind flood in, finding a new home. The darkness is freed.

Azoth Oracle

The Temple of Knowing in the province of Zimbar is famous for the snakes it raises, which are trained by Alchemists.  These snakes, under certain astrological influences occurring periodically and known to their trainers, will display themselves together and, beginning to glow, will shape themselves in the form of the words of sacred texts, and not only this, but will writhe into new patterns that continue the text’s words.

It has been found that over many generations of these snakes that there are  ones who have been born which have ceased to form the words already recorded in books, and who, instead create words of their own.

It is in this manner that the Snake Texts of Zimbar continue to be written.

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