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d349 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 19. A man tilling a field of flax. (Omega Symbol) manifesting/responsible

(Degree Angel: Umabel (OO-ma-BEL) Water, Affinity and Friendship)


This degree emanates the energy of emotional healing, helping others to clear traumas and other heavy frequencies out of the astral body. It tends to do this with little conscious awareness of what it is doing, but the result is helping others to become more in touch with their inner self in a soft, gentle manner which brings renewal and reconnection with the light of spirit.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Palm trees laden with dates.” Here is immense sweetness and rich nourishment flourishing in the desert. This degree carries within itself a wondrous abundance that manifests in may different forms – intuitive insight, understanding, compassion, and the ability to uplift others being a few of them. All this degree needs to do is to distribute these gifts, to not repress them, or question their value, but simply to share what the spiritual light has provided.

Pleiadian Symbol: A teacher interrupting his brilliant pupil’s piano playing. The desire and ability to always add more to and enhance anything that seems to hold potential.

Azoth Symbol: Little whirlpools of dust in the twilight. Strange and obscure thoughts activated at the edges of the conscious mind. In the humbleness of this and the Omega Symbol are implications of something greater, something momentous. Through focusing on these seemingly mundane things one may open to to more expanded possibilities.

Seed degree: Scorpio 18. Something waking for a moment in a cocoon. (Omega Symbol). Tuning in to the process of change at work in our lives, we are drawn increasingly to finding ways to cultivate and enhance it.

People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table. (Chandra Symbol). Through communion with others in a light-filled manner, we discover all sorts of nourishment, gifts, and possibilities.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 30. A crown which causes one to levitate. (Omega Symbol). Pain, suffering, and darkness are gradually eliminated and eventually we are surprised at our own lightness.

An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys. (Chandra Symbol). As we realize more and more the abundance at our disposal, we are able to clear our emotions and let go of fear.


Aaran Barsach was the high priest who’s duty it was to oversee the cultivation of flax, a plant sacred in Aab.  Daily he visited the flax fields and sang a song inviting the sky to  enter the blue flax flowers, and sat little bowls of white porcelain filled with rainwater in the fields, so that the surface of the water might become a mirror which would guide the sky down into the flax.

In ancient Aab it was said that flax had two purposes — to make clothes, and to stretch canvases for painting.  Clothing is used to cover up the body, and canvases are used to reveal what is hidden in the imagination.  And so flax, a fabric which, in its easy wrinkling, creates lights and shadows, is both a concealer and a revealer, and hence is associated with all the mystical traditions of Aab.

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