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Pisces 18. A dressmaker fashioning beautiful gowns for a queen. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Mitzrael (MITS-ra-EL) Freedom, Internal Reparation)


This degree may be thought of as an ambassador of the feminine energy, in that it helps others to be aware of the sustaining, nurturing and fructifying consciousness of the universe. It is able to bring forth beauty in a manner that is healing and soothing to others, and even if and when it seems modest, always has an undercurrent of directing the awareness of others to the glories of nature.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “White lilies blooming alone in the shade.” There are so many things in the world to confuse and distract us and to cause us to lose our way. This degree has a magical ability to return to a pristine place of clarity, simplicity and beauty. It does this by turning its focus away from all outer discord, and by letting go of goals, agendas and desires. And even though it may at times only be able to do this for a moment, it is enough to imbue any situation with a new peace, a new sense that there is a light that shines beyond the nightmare and which, if we will only be receptive to it, can guide us out of any and all quagmires of darkness.

Pleiadian Symbol: An immense geodesic dome. A sense of inclusiveness and of welcoming others different from oneself into one’s world. Generalized nurturing. A separateness which is not elitist. Just as the lilies of the Chandra Symbol are protected by the shade, the dome too offers protection.

Azoth Symbol: A drawbridge interrupting traffic.  Giving way to and acknowledging processes other than one’s own, just as the dressmaker of the Omega Symbol is not making dresses for herself but for someone very different from her.

Seed degree: Scorpio 6.Unaccustomed to high altitudes, a woman breathes deeply and walks slowly. (Omega Symbol). Gradually and patiently taking into ourselves ever higher vibrations, we eventually find vehicles in our lives for the expression of them.

A dancer with eight arms. (Chandra Symbol). The more vividly the dance of karma is experienced, the more we purify, soften, and fill with light.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 29.A book of healing mantras. (Omega Symbol). Working to more completely express the sublime and the cosmic we become ever freer and more creative in the expression of love, sympathy, and all positive emotions.

Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes. (Chandra Symbol). From a place of innocence and simplicity we perceive all of life as a mysterious ritual dance.


The Queen of Aab always wore simple clothing, usually white and unadorned.  This was so others might more clearly see the invisible gowns she wore over these visible ones.  Her invisible gowns were created by Natalina Parkeesh, the most famous seamstress of Aab.  She fashioned them from the essenses of flowers, gems, poems, landscapes, dreams, and a host of other items.  And though invisible when the multitude gazed on the Queen of Aab they could feel these invisible gowns, could sense the radiance that emanated from them.

Some found them vivid but indescribable.  Others spoke of visions they evoked, and of colors that danced in their mind but which their eye could not directly perceive.

Rather than speaking of color, texture, or cut, one might say these gowns were woven of moods and thought forms.

When the Queen of Aab passed out of this life the keepers of the palace wondered where these marvelous creations had been stored.  To put the mystery to rest Natalina told them that such garb was ephemeral, like dew, and that after having been worn for awhile each gown faded, its fabric dissolving, as it returned to the vibrational sea from which it had arisen.

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