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Pisces 15: On a high hill above a river, the ruins of a castle. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Nemamiah (ne-MAM-mee-YAH) Listening to Your Soul, Discernment)


This degree is a resister of the compulsions and agendas of others people and the world. It has the ability to remove itself from the ongoing flow of time so that it may seek out rare and unusual experiences, and explore that which has been left behind or abandoned. It is the soul archaeologist, studying the remains of memory to unearth and retrieve precious treasures.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many kinds of fruits arrayed on a silver tray.” Here again we find the sharp contrast between Omega and Chandra Symbol which we found in both the 13th and 14th degrees of Pisces. The fruits are juicy – a very pure, high vibration food. They are on a gleaming silver tray, silver being the metal of the moon, which signifies nurturing and the abundance of nature. On the other hand the castle of the Omega Symbol is old and dead and gone and left behind as the river flows onward. And yet the vision of it there high on the hill is food for the soul and the imagination.

This degree has a sense of the glorious richness of life and the need to be sensitive to the whole spectrum of one’s own personal cravings, for they will tell the self what kinds of foods and experiences are needed as personal nourishment.

Pleiadian Symbol: A ballet master choreographing a complex ensemble. The arduous and difficult task of synthesizing and arranging many elements into a unified whole.

Azoth Symbol: A bright polished sword is maintained untouched and unused. The acknowledgment and recognition of one’s spiritual power providing inspiration and protection, as well as the ability to engage in conflict and yet somehow transcend it.

Seed degree: Virgo 30.A man catching a ripe fruit as it falls off a tree. (Omega Symbol). The gift of the present moment tunes us in to the deeper meanings of the past.

Supersensible beings appearing as geometric forms. (Chandra Symbol). The denizens of other planes of reality communicate to us through harmonious designs which then take on the form of whatever we need for our own sustenance.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 29. A house full of strange, disorienting angles and perspectives. (Omega Symbol). The past calls to us, and causes us to see the present in new, unexpected ways.

The ritual slaughtering of a lamb. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing the abundance the universe offers to us, we’re impelled to give back to life by sharing what we have. pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into the physical realm.


The Castle of Shalvak always appears on a hill along the Iridar River.  But never the same hill, as the castle is wont to change its location.  And if several travelers journey together it will not necessarily appear to all of them, but usually only to one.  When this person points it out to his fellows they see nothing.  If he compels them to stop their journey and anchor the boat along the banks of the river, then ascends the hill toward the ruins he usually finds the hill devoid of masonry.  But sometimes he finds the ruins he saw from the boat and explores them.

The phenomenon is as simple as this:  the Castle is a ghost.  A dream of the famous architect Serenar.  It was never built.  But in Serenar’s dreams it became so vivid that now it carries out a separate life of its own, and reaches out to particular people with whom it feels an affinity by appearing along the river and drawing them into its precincts.  The reason it sometimes disappears when approached is because it is shy and sensitive, wanting love, but fearing misunderstanding.  The more I have seen and explored it the more it has come to trust me.

Since I first stood in its ruins I have dreamed of it often, and of Serenar, who I have met frequently in its environs and with whom I have spent many fascinating hours

And each time the castle has more walls and is less ruined as it regenerates itself through Serenar’s and my dreams.

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