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d328 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 28. The entrance to a vast complex of caves beneath a mountain range. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: YEIAZEL (YAY-ah-ZEL) Speaking the Right Words, Divine Consolation and Comfort)


This degree is intent on exploring the inner workings of life – to learn what is underneath things. It questions the purpose and validity of goals, and realizes that beneath all striving and desire are other, deeper motives which the person being influenced by them may not even be aware. It seeks out the least obvious aspects of experience, for the purpose of reaching a wholistic picture by searching for the missing or abandoned pieces.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tapestry loom. On it is a half finished tapestry.” This degree is aware of how everything is open and subject to change. Even those things which we think are done may be modified, or completely transformed. This is a highly imaginative degree and is at its most powerful when allowed to continually envision alternate ways of doing anything, rather than being pinned down and limited to one way. It realizes how stifling the following of methods and systems can be, and is always able and willing to share insights that open up everything to new possibilities.

It’s all about realizing that no agendas are necessarily the right ones, or set in stone. Some wish to scale the mountain’s heights – some which to delve deeply under them.

Pleiadian Symbol: A botanist reading the rings in a cross section of an extremely old tree. Insights into the nature of progress and the cycles through which it occurs, which can then be used to understand where we are and where we’re going. Awareness of how development happens.

Azoth Symbol: Wanderers find a place they decide to make their home. The quest for the environment that will serve the best purposes of all. Being able to seek out and discover the atmosphere that will foster growth.

Seed degree: Pisces 5.Dyers at work with many vats of different colors. (Omega Symbol). As we explore the blending of various vibrations we probe deeply into the mysteries of the earth plane.

Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream. (Chandra Symbol). The abundance which the universe offers us is there to explore via the imagination as well as through direct and tangible manifestation, and the only thing that matters is that we learn and grow from the experience, whether in terms of human value systems it is “completed” or not.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 28. Words streaming from a magician’s eyes and filling a blank book at which he is gazing. (Omega Symbol). We project our creative imagination onto life, and then are invited to explore its secret and hidden ramifications.

A tremendous cave on the bank of a river. (Chandra Symbol). Whether we choose to explore the cave or float down the rive – or pole ourselves up it – there will always be options left behind that can be picked up and played out later – if that’s what our soul needs.


Beneath the Serandar mountains to the west of Peth is an entrance to a vast complex of caves.  This entrance is well and ingeniously hidden and is said to only be accessible to a few who know its secret.

Serapis, one of these few, once took me there, where he lead me down many steep passageways deep into the bowels of the earth.

There he showed me a pool which glowed brightly and was the color of a cloudless sky.  When I reached down to touch the waters I found nothing there — only vast space and a little breeze.  Serapis bid me to stand back from its shores, saying that the lake was infinite and that there would be no returning if I were to fall in.

Months later I realize that being near this lake has changed me somehow, has calmed me deeply and has cleared my mind profoundly.  Serapis told me that the wise call this place, “The Inner Sky.”

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