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d326 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 26. The sound of the ocean kept in a small box. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degee Angel: HAAMIAH (He-AH-mee-YAH) Circuitry, Ritual and ceremony)


In the smallest and seemingly most unimportant of situations there are cosmic elements at work, And even though many feelings may seem shallow or bland, there are hidden depths to everything that is felt. This degree is aware of that and has the ability to enter the depths of both its own and others’ subconscious, to help get in touch with what needs to be contacted.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Dragonflies around a stagnant pool” The contrast here is between what is heavy and rotting versus what is light and airy. The buoyant and delicate aspect of this degree’s nature is able to transcend those places where obstructed energy has created a quagmire. It accepts fermentation and spoilage as a natural process that has its place in the scheme of things, and in the midst of such darkness can maintain a detached and observing mode. It knows that we become what we identify with.

Pleiadian Symbol: A scientist measuring the mineral levels in a sample of water. He is coming into an awareness of the richness (or lack thereof) inherent in feelings (water). To what extent do emotions nourish or poison us? He is finding out.

Azoth Symbol: By secret signs members are led to a place of meeting. The feeling of a deep and hidden kinship with others, and a coming together to commune with them in a highly intimate way.

Seed degree: Aquarius 11. A man clearing out his own aura. (Omega Symbol). Clearing our energy field we then can more clearly here something calling from within.

Crows eating the corn that a farmer has sown. (Chandra Symbol). Our actions frustrated and rendered ineffective can bring us to a point of lightness and non-attachment to outcomes.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 28. A man channeling a set of degree symbols. (Omega Symbol). Sensing the vastness contained inside ourselves we feel the urge to give voice to it, as a way of perceiving its order and meaning.

A man making candles out of beeswax. (Chandra Symbol). Feeling our own inner lightness and elevation, and being also aware of the darkness, we feel the need to find a way to bring light to others.


The alchemist Ranath Trazar was a master of imprisonments.  He once captured a hurricane in a jar, which had to be kept in a cellar vault where its constant rattlings could not be heard.  He also once lured a galaxy into a cage he hung in his study, where visitors could admire it as it turned and glowed.

To the Priestess of Quanaan he gave as a present the voice of an ocean, which he presented to her in a tiny box. She would sit listening to it for hours, for it soothed her greatly and helped her to enter the realm of dreams.

She swore to others that after listening to it for  awhile she could hear the babblings of fish as they spoke to each other, but even though their words were pleasant and created a dark, confusing music, as they lacked tongues she knew not what they were in their mysterious language.

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