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Aquarius 25. The muscles of a dancer’s legs quivering in his sleep as he remembers dances. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: ANIEL (AH-nee-EL) The Big Picture, Overcoming of Limiting and Restrictive Patterns)


Everywhere we look in life we are seeing through shadows of the past. This degree is strongly aware of this, and is looking to disperse those shadows so that we might see clearly what is here and now, disencumbered of the distortions of memory. This degree has a way of making needed connections to advance the process of understanding what is going on, and a gift for seeing where energy needs to be focused to achieve maximum benefit for all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A moustache.” This is one of the simplest of all the symbols, and signifies male maturity. All healthy males eventually come into this maturity physically speaking, but as a symbol, what the moustache alludes to is spiritual maturity, that is, the ability to take spiritual initiative in the world and to wield spiritual power. The worst characteristics of the male are selfishness (in terms of the desire for sexual gratification, among other things), and the obsessive need to dominate, with its sub-need to be right. When this degree comes into alignment with its true nature, it is careful to rein in selfishness, as well as to know when dominating is the best thing and when softness and giving way to others is what’s more needed. When these challenges are mastered, then the most cosmic aspects of Aquarius are allowed to manifest.

Pleiadian Symbol: A butterfly, the two halves of it having completely different patterns and colors. Freedom from the need for consistency. Just as the moustache is a symbol of empowerment that we grow ourselves, the butterfly, too, may be who it wants to be, and may transcend rules by creating itself according to its own vision.

Azoth Symbol: At a spinning wheel dreams and visions are being spun into realities. An ability to take the materials at hand and turn them into whatever will fulfill one’s needs.  The Alchemy of Manifestation. The repetitive act of spinning in this symbol mirrors the repetitive act of dancing in the Omega Symbol. In the Omega Symbol the dancer remembers the past, whereas in this symbol the spinner is creating the future.

Seed degree: Capricorn 29.

At dusk, a woman in a garden picking lettuce. (Omega Symbol). Cooling off in this manner allows the releasing of pent-up patterns of stress.
An architect carefully surveying old ruins. (Chandra Symbol). When we have arrived at a true assessment of how things have been in the past, we become willing to use male energy in a more life-supporting way.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 28.

An artist’s studio. Many unfinished paintings everywhere. (Omega Symbol). Releasing patterns of stress frees us of the need to complete anything that is not ready to be completed.

A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man. (Chandra Symbol). The male has conquered himself without repressing himself, so that he has been able to use his energies creatively and for the support of all life, and receives a prize for doing so.


The legs of the dancer are dreaming. Stirring within them is the music of the dance, and its choreography.

The legs are restless, ready to perform, to take up the old steps and turns and kicks and leaps.  But the dreamer does not wake and the dances have grown as faint as the quivering of a sleeping bird’s wings.

Suddenly a night bird calls, and startled awake with a little spasm the dances escape the legs and fly away, free to move invisibly on the sky’s vast stage.

The dancer is peaceful now, her sleep as steady as moonlight.


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