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Capricorn 22. Sugar falling slowly through a giant hourglass. (Omega Symbol (Nadir)) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: ELEMIAH (el-EM -ee AH) Eliminating Negative Thoughts, Construction of Universe/Worlds)


This degree has a great ability for not wasting time – for realizing that each moment holds possibilities and promises and has something of value to offer. This knowledge is a power antidote against focusing to much on the promises of the future, or the failures of the past. This degree knows how to delightin the present, and how to savor the moment.

The Chandra Symbol (Descendant) for this degree is “A bare altar covered with black velvet.” This degree is receptive to the highest and clearest energy to which it can attune. It has the ability to create empty spaces whose vacuum draws in new energy. It’s acutely aware of how basic assusmptions and things we take for granted can block the inflow of new energy and inspiration, and so is always trying to create a space that is clear – a kind of landing pad for visitants. This can require a lot of waiting and patience, but, as the corresponding Omega Symbol shows us, every moment contains sweetness to be savored.

Pleiadian Symbol (Ascendant): The giving up of a famous magical sword.

Azoth Symbol (Midheaven): The fairy court in its formal palace and dressed in all its finery.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 22.
A flamenco dancer. As he stamps his purple boots, small clouds of dust are raised. (Omega Symbol). Such passionate insinuations invite us to taste the sweetness of the moment.

Blackbirds flying out of a pie. (Chandra Symbol). Release the pent-up darkness to create a receptive space.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 25. An invisible man yearning to feel the sun on his skin. (Omega Symbol). Embracing the sweetness of each moment creates a yearning to enter fully into the reality of the now and to bask in its meaning.

A flock of penguins on an icy beach. (Chandra Symbol). To clear the channels of communication between ourselves and the spiritual light brings us into increasingly intimate kinship and support with all the life-affirming entities around us, be they in a physical body or on other planes.


The sacred mountain of Sucrah is located in the far wastes of the Northern Plains.  This mysterious peak forms and disappears during a 28 day period synchronized with the Moon.

At the moment of the New Moon a stream of sugar begins falling out of the sky, and continues to do so for the next 14 days.  This stream of white granules continues to fall no matter what weather conditions prevail in the area, eventually creating a massive hill that mysteriously casts no shadow.

The sugar is sweet to the taste and dissolves in the mouth but is impervious to rain, staying completely dry even in the most torrential downpours.

At the moment of the Full Moon the sugar begins to ascend in a stream back into the sky and continues to do so for the next 14 days until the mountain of sugar has disappeared, every single grain of it having been drawn back up into the sky.

Religious pilgrims have carried away over the centuries a great amount of this sugar but the mountain is never diminished, the sugar seeming to have an inexplicable way of replenishing itself.  It has been found to be utterly nourishing, does not rot the teeth, and in fact pilgrims have been known to live off it solely for extended periods of time.

Serapis has written that this mountain (referred to be some as the Fountain of the Moon) is actually the bottom of an immense and invisible hourglass, and cites as proof of this that those who consume the sugar over time become increasingly freed from the power of thoughts of past and present to enslave the soul,  thereby becoming eventually liberated into the joys of each passing moment.


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