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d291 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 21. As a woman moves down a passageway, many hands reach out to touch her. (Omega Symbol (Nadir)) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: SITAEL (SIT-ah-EL) Miracle Making, Construction of Universe/Worlds)TITLE


If you keep moving forward, guiding and helping forces will reach out to assist you. There may as well be other forces which will attempt to retard and stop you, but this, too, is good, for it gives you the chance to confront your shadow self, and hence to understanding yourself in a much more complete way. This degree is highly sensitive to anything which might try to stop it or encourage it, and is utterly intent on reaching its destiny.

The Chandra Symbol (Descendant) for this degree is “A stately old house in a ruined condition.” The house may be refurbished, and either updated, or restored in accordance with the historical period in which it was built, or it may torn down, or simply left alone. It is interesting that of these four possibilities there is a tendency for many people to think of them as moral imperatives – that something SHOULD be done, in a certain way. The fact is, the house can be appreciated for what it is, or it can be changed.

The past is the same way – we can appreciate it and accept it for what it is, or we can actually change it, by freeing ourselves from its influence. Whatever we choose to do we will find that as we move through the passageway of time, as the woman in the Omega Symbol is doing, hands will reach out to touch us – to encourage us in our forward movement, or to try to stop us and hold us back. And the interesting thing is that often the hands trying to help us are the ones that are actually holding us back, and the ones seemingly trying to hold us back are found eventually to be the ones that help us forward.

We are always free to respond to this however we want, and are always free, also, to change are responses over time. At its highest this degree is almost completely non-judgmental and willing in every instance to try to chose the way that leads to the highest good for all.

Pleiadian Symbol (Ascendant): Runners relaying a message through the mountains.

Azoth Symbol (Midheaven): Thousands of messages sent by light beams.

Seed degree: 10 Sagittarius 10. A man being followed by a space ship. (Omega Symbol). When we tune in to higher forces attempting to make contact with us we become increasingly aware of how all that we contact serves to either support us and further our cause, or offer us resistance, which in the long run also furthers our cause.

A star turning many different colors. (Chandra Symbol). When we realize that stability and change are doing an eternal dance with each other we are more able to appreciate everything around us, whether it be going through a phase of growth or decay.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 25. A healer who uses smiles to perform all his healings. (Omega Symbol). Allowing ourselves to be touched by all that passes us attunes us more and more deeply to joy, which is the overflowing of love, the universal healer.

A cave in deep ocean waters. (Chandra Symbol). Allowing our securities and defenses to dissolve we become able to enter the secret inner sanctum of our emotions.


A famous hallway in the crypt of the Temple of Quanaan is used in initiation rites.  When the seeker has fasted for three days and performed the proper rites, he or she then traverses this hallway and experiences the hands of countless adepts and wise ones reaching out to touch and bless the initiate as they pass.  And although the hallway is not long most initiates report that the passage seems to take many days or even weeks to complete, though it is only a few moments of actual time that have passed.

The initiate then is found to emanate a bright pink glow and to fall into a deep sleep, which they wake from once the glow has worn off.

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