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d284 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 14. A woman restoring an ancient textile. (Omega Symbol)

(Degree Angel: HABUIAH (he-bU-hee-YAH) Contacting Departed Souls, Healing)


This degree is a retriever of the beauties of the past, a refurbisher and re-energizer of whatever has lost its glow or momentum. It is capable of careful and tedious work, and will always do the best it possibly can to insure that its productions are vivid and of high quality. Rather than thinking in terms of placing its personal stamp on what it does, it is more intent on maintaining the integrity of whatever it works on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Beads carved from human bone.” The beads signify all our former incarnations, whose energies and memories we carry with us wherever we go, whether we consciously realize it or not. Just as there are holes in the ancient textile of the Omega Symbol, there are holes in our energy field caused by parts of ourselves which need to be brought forth to further our current journey, but which the limits of our present personality are not allowing through. To restore this textile means to let ourselves be receptive to these healing and balancing energies, so as to allow through what is already there and which has always been there.

Pleiadian Symbol: In a crypt a bas-relief of a woman holding a lotus by its stem.

Azoth Symbol: The star Sirius rises in the east.

Seed degree: Virgo 16. A woman cutting the thorns off roses. (Omega Symbol). When we remove whatever stands in the way of love we find we are working to reweave the beautiful fabric of life.

A jar of camphor crystals. (Chandra Symbol). Clearing the air of vibrations brings contact with the eternal peace and silence that allows us to see the vast cosmic scope of who we really are.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 24. Gold turning into lead. (Omega Symbol). As we come to see the past more and more clearly we see that every step in our process is ultimately of equal importance, which helps us to overcome the striving after meaning – for it is, was, and always will be there.

Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains. (Chandra Symbol). When we tune in to our past lives we find there exactly what we need to carry on with our present journey.


Shizar Arami is an alchemist who specializes in the restoration of ancient tapestries.  Her work is of an incomparable perfection in all its detail.  Few have seen how she accomplishes her magic, but I, having taken much time to gain her confidence, have seen her at work, and her methods are highly unique.

It is in fact not she that performs the work, but a group of spiders with whom she has formed a deep psychic affinity.  She feeds them various herbs and magically altered insects to obtain the colors she so desires, and then directs her spiders to repair, with their silk, the places of damage which time has has wrought on these fine works of art.  Her spiders love her, and that love, combined with her guidance has brought many a tapestry back to life so that it seems as if it had just been freshly cut from its loom.

I realize that what I here reveal will be taken by many as no more than a pretty fantasy, but I tell you I have seen it with my own eyes.

When I returned to Peth after a long sojourn to far places the people wondered where I had obtained my new brocade gown, whose pattern, they noticed, was exactly like the old one.  It is true, what the wise have said, “often a deep secret, even when revealed, stays secret to those who have not the imagination to believe.”



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