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Capricorn 13. Singing and dancing in a desert oasis. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: EYAEL (AY-ya-EL) Great Expectations, Transformation to the Sublime)


This degree has the capacity to create its own small world out of seemingly nothing, and to find a way to enjoy life even in situations where the potential to do so seems remote. Its makes do with what it has, and will often even seek out limiting or desolate situations so that it may exercise its resourcefulness and ability to generate happiness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A very old wrinkled brown paper sack.” This degree works hard and wants to get a lot done. It can be tremendously productive. It needs, though, to make sure it does this with kindness and gentleness, so that it does not overburden itself and become worn out. It is intensely in need of improving anything with which it becomes involved, and if this can be balanced with a continual regenerating of its own energy it will find that its projects will thrive and flourish to a much greater extent.

Pleiadian Symbol: A flame talking to a poet.

Azoth Symbol: A man dreams of the Lords of Karma.

Seed degree: Virgo 4. A woman boiling clothes in a cauldron with shavings of lye soap. (Omega symbol). Through continually purifying and clearing whatever discord has come to cling to us frees us to experience the full effects of our joyfulness so that it may create happiness in the bleakest of environments.

A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes. (Chandra Symbol). The realization of our inherent uniqueness and strangeness, and of our animal nature shining through every attempt at civilization impels us to find a use for who we are, and of ways we can be an instrument to facilitate the fulfillment of needs.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 24
Gemstones buried in the ground in the pattern of the constellation Orion. (Omega Symbol). To express happiness and joy blesses the environment with deep, enduring, and uplifting energy.

A chameleon with moving pictures on its back. (Chandra Symbol). The more experiences soften us up the more we are able to clearly perceive the environment around us and learn to deflect its discordant energies.


The Ilani tribe of the great Southern Desert of Aab are the only people who are able to journey through the vasts sand wastes of that place.  For though the desert is devoid of any oases, when the Ilani are in need of food or water they make their camp anywhere they please at sunset and commence to engage in the most beautiful and unearthly singing and dancing, and as they do an oasis takes form around them, transparent at first but growing ever more substantial as they continue their music.  After while they end their song and fill their jugs and baskets with water and dates, lie down in that place to have their rest and dream dreams, and the next morning continue on their way.

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