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d25-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-25


Degree Angel: NITH-HAIAH (NIT-ha-YAH) Speak Your Mind, Spiritual Wisdom and Magic, Interacting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: A man studying a sequence of random numbers.


You’re always looking for something, but sometimes you don’t know what. You are often forced to wait – you sense the time is not right to act. What you most need is to relax, to not try too hard, and to learn patience. Attuning to silence clears the pathways for messages to come through – and when the time is right, they will, effortlessly and with ease.


Pleiadian Symbol: A messenger has forgotten the message he was to deliver.


You may try to hold on to a particular pattern or thought and then find yourself losing it, which forces you to search for alternatives or to improvise.  Inherently you are repelled by duplication and parroting and so are always being confronted by the need to rephrase, reinvent and creatively rework what you thought you already had down pat.


Chandra Symbol: A great dragon asleep in a cave.


In the illusion of randomness powerful and hidden orders lurk, like the dragon sleeping in the cave. We enter into what immediately IS in the NOW as if it were a cave in which we shall discover and awaken the great celestial dragon who is our self.


Azoth Symbol: In a garden in paradise a tree laden with secrets.


You feel the allure of anything which will assist you in transcending the limits of the world you already know.  You love mysteries and enigmas and even when life seems known and obvious you’re aware that behind everything lies whole realms of hidden possibiities to be explored.


Seed Degree: Capricorn -19


In the night, someone peering into a dark window. (Omega Symbol). As we search the dark, unseen places of our experience, we come realize that we may have already found something meaningful but just aren’t yet aware of what it is.


A half-eaten piece of bread. (Chandra Symbol). When we get in touch with what we truly need, and what we don’t really need, we find within ourselves a great, latent power.


Fulfillment Degree: Aries – 3


A sacred mirror which is kept in the inner sanctum of a temple. (Omega Symbol). Eventually we realize that anything we discover is actually another layer or facet of ourselves.


The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed. (Chandra Symbol). As our creative power awakens we become less and less attached to outer forms, and more able to see beyond surfaces.


Omega Oracle


The numbers were busy changing – adding to each other, multiplying and dividing. The man kept thinking this all had meaning, and was trying to capture it. “You may try to confine us in the box of your intellect,” said the numbers, “but you will learn nothing from doing so. Each of us is eternally being born in an infinite flow. Please – come and play with us, and give up your fear of drowning.”

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