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d24-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-24


Degree Angel: HAHEUIAH (ha-HOO-ee-YAH) Overcoming Jealousy, Protection, Interacting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: Beautiful, expressive lines flowing out of a pencil.


You love to be able to move and to be free. You think on your feet and are very good at spontaneous expression. All you need is a supportive context in which to create and experiment in direct, open fashion, and your essence will shine forth, continually surprising both yourself and other people.


Pleiadian Symbol: Shadows of a lace curtain moving on a wall.


Perception of the intricacies and continual movements of form. The ability to softly and gently express amazing subtleties.  An almost hypnotic way of expressing the self that expands the consciousness of others and opens them up to the mysteries of the world.


Chandra Symbol: A harp which plays itself.


The movement of the music is free and flowing like the lines the pencil draws. There is no stopping and deciding here, no planning, but instead a pouring forth from the soul, and a powerful ability to keep moving in sync with the inner rhythm of self, a moving that stays focused and attuned to its own essence.


Azoth Symbol: Laying in summer grass a man falls asleep and dreams of love.


You merge with the fullness and richness of the life around you.  Your acceptance of the love with which nature envelopes you evokes a profound peace in your soul, and an inner certainty that potentials exist everywhere for the gratification of your every desire.


Seed Degree: Capricorn – 7


A guidebook to an ancient city. (Omega Symbol). To feel linked to the richness of the past allows us to be more spontaneous in the expression of our creativity.


A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing our primal nature we overflow with the urge to express the music within.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 2


From deep in the earth, the sound of a waterfall. (Omega Symbol). When we clearly channel the energy of nature it puts us in profound touch with our emotional depths.


A man turning into a werewolf. (Chandra Symbol). To express creative urges freely and without need of any support or permission from outside brings us into contact with the power of our own needs and instincts.


Omega Oracle


Coiled up in the pencil are many lines, waiting to be drawn. This does not require patience, for many of the drawings sleeping in the graphite will never be drawn, just as many seeds die, never having been planted. Anything that needs a birth will create one, anything else can sleep in the realm of potential where it may dream dreams if it so desires, or enjoy the bliss of a dreamless sleep.


Right now, though, beautiful lines are everywhere flowing onto the paper, as blood flows through the eyes that watch their birth.

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