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* Cancer-23


Degree Angel: Hahahel (HA-ha-HEL) Self-Esteem, Mission, Interacting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: A man thanking all his books for the wisdom they have imparted to him.


Acknowledging help and appreciating it is a way of keeping the flow of help coming. Frustration is self-proliferating, which is the best reason to let go of it – what it produces is just more of itself. You instinctively know this, and are able to adopt an attitude of appreciation that magnetizes to you even more to appreciate.


Pleiadian Symbol: Authors come together to read their works to each other.


Mutual stimulation and support of creative vision as a means of enriching and motivating one’s creative efforts.Bringing forth the creativity of others which in turn stimulates one’s own creativity.


Chandra Symbol: A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.


To be grateful for knowledge will proliferate knowledge. Both of these degrees have to do with a collectivity, in the Omega Symbol it is the collective of the man’s books, in the Chandra Symbol it is the collective of broken pieces. Of course we might see all books as pieces of knowledge that is too vast to be contained in just one book. No matter how many books you read it is you who must put together the knowledge as a means of fashioning a vessel to contain wisdom. To break anything creates new opportunities for rearrangement and hence revitalization.


Azoth Symbol: A couple in a temple sense the presence of the spirits of enlightened beings.


Coming together with others into sacred space as a means of enhancing receptivity to spiritual forces.  The evoking in others of an attunement to unseen realms, and hence the power of bringing peace and clarity to them.


Seed Degree: Sagittarius – 28


A man channeling new music from deceased composers. (Omega Symbol). When we recognize how limitless knowledge and creativity are, we are impelled to give back love for the treasures we have received.


A witch’s ritual dagger. (Chandra Symbol). Cutting away all those negative and limiting thought forms which obstruct us we are ready to reintegrate ourselves and re-achieve wholeness.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 10


A man who sees stars invisible to others. (Omega Symbol). When we give love back to the source, we find the source supplies us with ever subtler perceptions.


A man putting olive oil all over his body. (Chandra Symbol). Carefully re-integrating whatever needs to be reintegrated, we find our whole being becoming more smooth and flowing.


Omega Oracle


For him the contents of books were architecture through which he loved to wander. This architecture, though, had no need to respect gravity, so that a wall, for instance, might be built paper thin and stretch far into the sky, fallen columns might hover above the ground, and free-standing stairways carry him to nowhere other than a magnificent vista where they suddenly stopped.  What he knew (and also knew that so many didn’t realize), was that all this was wisdom, not the kind that is parceled out neatly in essays or statements of fact, but wisdom all-pervading, like water, flowing everywhere and creating, unexpectedly, as it went.


Thank you, he said.

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