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* Cancer-22


Degree Angel: Yeiazel (YAY-ah-ZEL) Speaking the Right Words, Divine Consolation and Comfort, Interacting/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: A man collecting shadows. He is putting them into a bag.


You have an instinct for cleaning up, and for knowing what it is that needs to be cleared to make way for a brighter future. You at times come to realize that certain endeavors and/or involvements are no longer serving you and so must to done away with to make way for more nourishing energies to come into your life.


Pleiadian Symbol: Sensing that a boat is soon arrive, a woman journeys to the shore.


Positive expectancy and the urge to move forth to meet opportunity.  The power to sense what is coming and hence to prevent the possibility of missing whatever gifts it may have to offer.  Just as the watercress of the Chandra Symbol gravitates toward the stream, the woman here gravitates toward that which has the potential to bring her fulfillment.


Chandra Symbol: Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.


A clean, clear, and refreshing quality is here – an ability to recognize the simplicity of needs and to know where and how they can be fulfilled. Life is often lived here on a small, modest level that is refreshing and fulfilling and cares not for the competitive, complicated and discordant aspects of society. Coming to this place we are fed and nurtured and allowed to detoxify and to see how beautiful health is. The shadows are put in a bag to clear the darkness, on one hand, and on the other, the shadows are a kind of magic calmative that relaxes and rejuvenates. The Fairy Kingdoms are most definitely in this degree, in a most modest and rustically beguiling form.


Azoth Symbol: A dead poet’s poems finally published.


Fulfillment of the promise of beauty. Placing one’s work before one’s ego.


Seed Degree: Sagittarius – 16


A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves. (Omega Symbol). Renewing the strength and purpose of our will we are able to clear away the darkness that obstructs clear seeing.


A man shearing sheep. (Chandra Symbol). The more carefully and lovingly we take from nature what we need the more we find abundance offered to us.


Fulfillment Degree: Cancer – 10


An artist making shadowboxes in which he is placing collages and various small objects. (Omega Symbol). Focusing on the inner meanings of everything around us we begin to unite them imaginatively into meaningful patterns.


A violent hail storm. (Chandra Symbol). When we are able to relax and enjoy the natural life around us we are then able to release pent-up emotions in a complete manner.


Omega Oracle


What will you do with all those shadows you stuff in that bag? Of course you realize that you only capture those sleeping or carefree ones, so many others flit away, slip through your fingers. I realize you are trying to organize your life a little – tidy things up a bit, shed a little light on things. You’ll find that carrying those shadows around with you is quite easy – they weigh almost nothing.


And, now that you have a bag of scraps, you may find one day that you need one to patch something, or even make yourself a whole new wardrobe – yes, I know, it seems impossible, but remember, shadows are forever growing. In time you’ll have enough to curtain the world.

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