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d221 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 11. Shadows of trees lying over a vast lawn. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental
(Degree Angel: MAHASIAH (mah-HA-see-YAH) Healing, Rectification)


Everywhere death and darkness are integrated into life, and life accepts them as part of itself – so why shouldn’t we? Knowledge manifests in an endless number of forms and through an endless number of vehicles. We walk into and through it every day. This degree mirrors the beautiful and vast complexities living within simplicity.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Gnarled twisted trees against an overcast sky.” Trees symbolize knowledge, and here without leaves the knowledge has been stripped down to its core ideas. The overcast sky means the Sun, which is the conscious self, is obscured, thereby allowing the more intuitive feminine side to come forth. Note that it is not “Gnarled twisted trees against a full moon.” which would signify the feminine in full force. Instead there is daylight – otherwise we wouldn’t see the trees.

The trees may be dead, but they also may be dormant. Either they will leaf out into new manifestations of knowledge, or if dead will rot and fall – which will also allow new manifestations of knowledge to grow, but in a more complete way – that is, from the root.

Either this degree gets hung up on the dreariness of the scene, or knows that all barrenness is part of a process of cyclic change, and so is to be welcomed as a prelude to a re-flowering. At any rate, this degree can have an acute intuitive sensitivity to poverty in all its forms and what it has to teach.

Pleiadian Symbol: Dolphins carrying a shipwrecked man to safety.  Ability to connect to the supportive forces of nature when unforeseen events disrupt one’s course.  Return to a dependence on more basic and instinctive ways of being when plans fail to materialize.

Azoth Symbol: The spirits of cats roaming in the night.  Giving free rein to one’s animal and instinctive energies to explore the unseen.

Seed degree: Leo 8. An old medicine man with eyes like a snake’s. (Omega Symbol). A vision which penetrates into the secret heart of existence perceives the reflection of higher realities into this one.

A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music. (Chandra Symbol). Spontaneously expressing what is within us we come to perceive both our inner clarity and inner cloudiness.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 19. A painting is cleaned, revealing colors of otherworldly beauty. (Omega Symbol). Perceiving the workings of higher realms in this one we are able to cast off anything which occludes our brightness.

A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving our own lack, and our state of being cut off from higher forces impels us to seek out the specific energies that will nourish us.


On the estate of Shandar to the north of Peth is a vast treeless lawn that was, in centuries past admired for the great size and comely shape of its ancient trees, which eventually died. It is said that sometimes in early spring, before other trees have leafed out, that the shadows of these long dead trees may still be seen on sunny days, covering the lawn, and that the finer upper limbs may even be seen to be moving gently in the wind.

It is in a like way that forms existing in higher realms may sometimes cast their shadows into this one, so that we may know of their nature by indirection.



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