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d220 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 10. In a field of dandelions, a yellow dragon appears. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired
(Degree Angel: ELEMIAH (el-EM -ee AH) Eliminating Negative Thoughts, Construction of Universe/Worlds)


The common and ordinary are so very unusual, but of course, as we learn to see this, even the unusual even becomes usual! This degree is inexplicably strange and extremely unique, but yet carries with it an aura of innocence and blithe normality. There is a wonderful amalgamation of joy and power, which, as we come to understand it, we see is actually pure joy intensified into utter potency.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “ On a human nose a wart turns into a diamond.” Dandelions and warts are common, and considered by many to be ugly, whereas dragons and diamonds are rare, wondrous and special. The special alchemy of this degree is turning the mundane into the precious by seeing it as precious.

And at a higher level even those things which we consider tragedies, failures and mishaps have about them something beautiful in the way they are so personally tailored as learning experiences. To see them in this way is the special power of this degree, a power which is redemptive and liberating.

Pleiadian Symbol: A stranger having supper with a group of friends. The absolute will to keep one’s life open and inviting to new forces and possibilities.  The injection of new elements into old routines for the sake of rejuvenation.

Azoth Symbol: Heavy winning and losing at a gaming table. Continuing to take risks no matter what the outcome, and an attitude of joy and excitement in the face of all eventualities.  This mirrors the power, vitality, and will to live of the dandelions of the Omega Symbol.

Seed degree: Cancer 26. Sounds of laughter coming from many different directions in the forest. (Omega Symbol). Realizing the joy that is everywhere around us we become greatly empowered and centered in a light, yet potent manner.

Pastry makers. (Chandra Symbol). To offer to others that which is beautiful and special helps them to see the beauty of their own so-called imperfections.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 19. A man memorizing Chinese characters. (Omega Symbol). As we attempt to find a way to communicate all the subtleties and complexities we feel inside us, we become more aware of of the meaning of the universe, as well as its (the meaning’s) plasticity and universality.

An opossum comes out into the moonlight. (Chandra Symbol). Finding beauty even in those things which are usually considered as imperfect or ugly, we increase our connection to our emotional self and a deep, instinctive understanding of its needs and workings.


In Baklan, where the dandelions bloom so thickly in spring that no grass is to be seen anywhere it is said that the combined forces of so many millions of blooms can at times generate pollen breathing dragons who, though short lived, will terrorize the land by exhaling noxious yellow clouds on their victims, relief only coming when these monsters turn white and feathery, and then having come to this vulnerable state are slain by a breeze.



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