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d20-leo 150 150 John Sandbach

* Leo-20


Degree Angel: Habuhiah (he-bU-hee-YAH) Contacting Departed Souls, Healing, Manifesting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: An herb which, if over-consumed, causes one to die of laughter.


Humor is fiery and as such has the ability to warm and thaw frozen attitudes and situations so they can flow. But humor, like fire, can be dangerous, and so its important to use it sparingly and to ignite it in the right place and the right time carefully. The person who carries this degree has the power to do this, and knows one of the deepest secrets: the transmutational power of laughter.


Pleiadian Symbol: Men and women in feathered bird costumes dancing in a circle.


Merging of one’s own free spirit with the free spirit of others as a means of furthering the liberation of self. The mutual sharing and stimulating of an imaginative vision through the ritual rehearsal of it.  This degree wants to fly with others and seeks to find anything that will prepare the way for taking to the sky.


Chandra Symbol: A black pearl hidden in an oyster.


This degree is about coming into the realization of who you really are. If you fear not knowing your true self, and make up a false self in an attempt to please others or fit in to the world around you, you will not be happy for long, for the knowledge that something priceless is missing will follow you no matter where you go. It may not be easy to find what you’re looking for – there may be long periods of uncertainty, or feelings of being lost or abandoned. But no other quest is worth anything until this one is fulfilled.


Azoth Symbol: A gentle wise man attempting to resolve a conflict.


A softening of all discord through taking a mild and light attitude toward it.  The trick is to acknowledge the discord and honor it, and then to go deeper and deeper into it until one reaches its root.  If this is done the illusion of separateness that created the discord is dissolved, and one finds there is much to learn from it, the result being the joy and laughter of the Omega symbol.


Seed Degree: Scorpio – 23


A man repairing damaged inlays of precious stones on the Taj Mahal. (Omega Symbol). We find that keeping alive the brightness of beauty and ideals cannot be accomplished unless we are willing to lose ourselves in all-consuming joy.


A collection of dolls. (Chandra Symbol). Imagining all the roles is it possible to play and the masks it is possible to take on, we tune in, finally to the special and utterly unique beauty and wisdom inside ourselves.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 12


A woman with a collection of rocks shaped like hearts. (Omega Symbol). Freely giving ourselves over to joy we learn where the areas of hardness are concealed in our heart.


A young man with a frail body but a beautiful and noble face. (Chandra Symbol). Finding our unique inner beauty and wisdom we allow it to suffuse our identity with its light and seek out ways to focus it in the physical world as a tangible manifestation.


Omega Oracle


Humor, like fire, loves to feed and spread, the difference between humor and fire being that whereas fire destroys what it touches, humor merely deflates what is overly gaseous, and/or serves to disentangle colors from both themselves and shadows.


Saffron, an herb which catalyzes humor, (and is therefore a most efficacious self dispersant), may, in large quantities reveal itself as a funny poison, so that, if used indiscriminately, will generate a laughter storm of such intensity that certain dances locked deep within the inner fires are suddenly released, and, fleeing through the physical form, destroy it through gay abandonment, much in the same way that winds will at times inadvertently shatter a rainbow.

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