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* Leo-19


Degree Angel: Eyael (AY-ya-EL) Great Expectations, Transformation to the Sublime, Manifesting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A painting is cleaned, revealing colors of otherworldly beauty.


You are working always to clean away the overlays to your being – the parts that aren’t really you, so that your authentic self can emerge. This can be a gradual process, and even when you think it is complete, you may find more layers to remove that can reveal even more brightness to your being. Your example helps others to express themselves more is a way that is more truthful to their spiritual core.


Pleiadian Symbol: Revelers on a river raft floating to the ocean.


Sharing in the flow with people leads to entry into an expanded reality. Relaxed enjoyment of each passing moment as one allows the path ahead to unfold spontaneously. Taking the attitude that “we’ll worry about it once we get there.”


Chandra Symbol: A humming bird feeding at a trumpet vine.


The humming bird needs very its very particular food if it is to survive. And the painting, too, needs a specialist if it is to be revealed in all its glory. This degree is about needs, and defining them exactly and clearly. It is a degree completely opposed to the generic and pre-packaged. It is a deep respecter and supporter of the integrity and subtlety of individuality. The result of its inspired and visionary actions is that the world becomes a brighter place, and this world is brought more into alignment with the fairy realms.


Azoth Symbol: All her life a woman sees mountains in the distance to which she has never gone.


The knowledge that all yearning, even though it may be for something outer, can always be fulfilled in the inner world.  Just knowing that the Spiritual Realms are there waiting for our approach and are always accessible can be so deeply comforting – that is what this degree communicates to others.


Seed Degree: Scorpio – 11


Shadows of trees lying on a vast lawn. (Omega symbol). When we see how higher truths are at work in the world around us we are able to clear away all that is confusing and obscuring from our existence.


Gnarled twisted trees against an overcast sky. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving the stark realities of life and realizing how we are cut off from our spiritual self, we come to see our own unique needs and set out to find those specific foods which they need.


Fulfillment Degree: Libra – 12


A man gathering seeds from a white morning glory. (Omega Symbol). As we clear from our consciousness anything that obscures our clear vision of who we really are we foster a new cycle of waking up to further expansion of spiritual growth.


The burning of a bough of sage. (Chandra symbol). Finding that which most perfectly fulfills our needs we find the strength to clear our environment of all disharmonious and stagnating energies.


Omega Oracle


Those of a past era found the colors of the masterpiece too otherworldly, too different from their own version of how they thought the world should look. In these instances, when colors speak in uncanny ways, or reveal what many wish they should have been hiding, it becomes necessary to protect ourselves with overpainting, so that the hues of normality may defend us from the tortuous, ecstatic tricklings experienced by the eye when inundated with the shimmerings of desire.


And then centuries later, when a yearning arises to look deeper, and we begin to feel at last the suffocations of the average, the masterpiece is taken to the laboratory and a layer of aged yellow varnish carefully removed. And there we find underneath, happily, the humdrum has actually served to preserve the sublime’s true colors.

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