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d182 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 2. A vast tract of windmills. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degee Angel: HAAMIAH (He-AH-mee-YAH) Circuitry, Ritual and ceremony)


You pick up on a wide variety of different thoughts that are continually passing through the minds of others, and tune in to the currents of thought forms affecting humanity as a whole. Rather than falling prey to the chaos and negativity that this sea of thoughts so often carries, you are good at finding the positive, life supporting currents within it and amplifying these. Your forte is the ability to put seemingly aimless energy to some sort of good use that benefits all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake.” You see the potential value of attempting to relate to difficult people and situations, and even if you are consciously trying to avoid such encounters something in you will either draw them to you or seek them out for the purpose of learning something that it is very necessary for you to learn. You are very aware of how the defensiveness of people can cause them to be hostile or destructive in how they connect with others, but you also know how to defuse this so that relationships can improve in significant way.

Pleiadian Symbol: As one climbs steps they turn into water which flows upward. At first effort is put out to get higher, but then momentum takes over and rising becomes easy and fluid, just as in the Chandra Symbol it takes effort to decide to allow oneself to be bitten by the snake, but then the poison takes over and teaches the soul many truths and secrets.

Azoth Symbol: Crows gathering in late autumn twilight. The crows are dark, and so is the twilight. The season has almost ended. The crows gather to share what they have found in their travels between this realm and spirit realms. There is an illusion here of darkness and dreariness, but in the midst of it a marvelous fellowship. Kindred souls are seeking communion during a time when the outer and conscious aspects of life are ebbing, so that their focus may be turned to inner and enduring realities.

Seed degree: Aries 19. A skeleton dressed in garlands of flowers. (Omega Symbol). Giving in to the processes of change and realizing their beauty opens us up to unexpected possibilities of communication.

Someone performing trephination. (Chandra Symbol). Opening up one’s mind brings a fearlessness in encountering new experiences. Making oneself purposefully vulnerable can invite potent magic.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 16. At the bottom of a gorge, a river turbulent with rapids. (Omega Symbol). Allowing ourselves to freely connect with others frees up emotional restrictions, energizing our feeling body.

A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter. (Chandra Symbol). Confronting our fears always opens us up to new experiences containing possibilities of greater fulfillment.


The windmills tall and white, each with three arms, thousands of windmills and thousands of arms, each one resisting and slowing the wind a little. The wind, though, loves to die just as much as it loves to be born, it will wear itself down a little by pushing the blades, running through them like hair through a comb, the blades straightening the long strands of wind, but only for a moment, until it tangles once again, and laughs its inaudible laugh, which makes the trees laugh too, audibly.


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