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d181 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 1. An apothecary shop in which herbal concoctions and other medicines appear as needed. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: ANIEL (AH-nee-EL) The Big Picture, Breaking the Circle)


Desire and need combined with pure intent can create their own fulfillment spontaneously. The secret here is that the point of power is in the present, which is beyond the fear (whose roots are always in the past) and hope (which focuses on the future). You have the power of spontaneous manifestation of the exact energy that the present calls for.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread.”  This degree has an ability to find the easiest most direct ways of relating to the world around it, and to other people in particular. It wants everyone to feel nourished, included, and to have a good time. It mixes so very well with all other types of energies and degrees, and functions as a kind of lubricant that makes everything run more smoothly through an ease of connecting that is inviting. It has about it a simple and elusive beauty, that, like the medicines of the Omega Symbol can mutate into what will best serve the purpose of enhancing interaction.

Pleiadian Symbol: A butterfly becoming transparent, its wings shimmering with rainbow colors.  The butterfly partially dematerializes so as to reveal more clearly the beauty of its spiritual nature. This reflects the loving maternity of the women of the Chandra Symbol who feed their family and children in a simple, direct manner, just as the butterfly feeds the soul with higher visions.

Azoth Symbol: Tall, thin men traveling on unicycles.  What a beautiful and elegant balancing act that may take one smoothly where one is going! Such effortless poise here. These men are not walking, they are rolling along with the same spontaneous grace we find in the Omega Symbol.

Seed degree: Aries 7. An old man admiring a portrait of himself as a youth. (Omega Symbol). Appreciating the processes wrought by time, we eventually are able to overcome the constraints of time, and to find that what we need is distant in neither time nor space.

A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions. (Chandra Symbol). When we come to understand the dualistic nature of power, we are inclined to work with others in bringing nourishment to those immediately around us.


Fulfillment degree: Aries 16. To rejuvenate himself a man is partially buried in the earth. (Omega Symbol). The gifts bestowed on us by the spiritual light are used to help us connect more harmoniously to the earthly realm.

Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold. (Chandra Symbol). Through giving to others and helping to meet their needs our life takes on greater freedom and meaning in all ways.


An alchemist invented an apothecary shop which mirrored completely the realm of disease. Anyone who entered it immediately reflected their essence onto the mind of the shop, which generated herbs and compounds as an echoing of felt needs. The shop held all the answers and solutions one could ever desire.

What was curious was how few people came to the shop, and of those few who came and took home the medicines, how many of the medicines were placed on a shelf somewhere and forgotten.

So the shop, always desirous of improving the potency and efficacy of its products began focusing on other medications, such as songs, weather, and memory clusters which it harvested out of people and distilled into custom-made homeopathic essences.

Illusions, properly selected and harvested, were also found to be highly salutory.




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