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* Taurus-18


Degree Angel: Mihael (MIH-a-EL) Unity, Fertility, Fruitfulness, Manifesting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: Gently, a man caresses a thorn tree.


You have a delicacy of approach to life that helps you to deal with difficult and/or sensitive situations. This is a real gift. You are a peacemaker who understands instinctively the innate needs of people and situations. Your energy can encourage people to let down their defenses so that they are able to share more fully.


Pleiadian Symbol: A white butterfly enters a dark room through a window and flutters about momentarily before leaving.


Allowing free-form and buoyant creativity into limiting or dark situations. The subtle blessing conferred by angels in dim or confining situations.  Noticing simple and subtle signs and being uplifted by them.


Chandra Symbol: A woman with hundreds of breasts.


It would seem that there is an extreme divergence between this Chandra symbol and its accompanying Omega Symbol, but the fact is that breasts are for nurturing, and thorns are for defense, and the sign Cancer is about both nurturing and defense.


This degree has faith in the abundance of the universe, and knows that all needs can and will be met as soon as the belief in the illusion of poverty and lack are let go of. And even when the self chooses to experience lack, it is to induce itself to find what is needed within, and hence a means of coming to a realization of personal power and completeness.


Azoth Symbol: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world.


You can get exceedingly far out of your environment as you entertain possibilities that are way beyond what people usually imagine.  You realize that there are beings with values far different from your own, and you’re always willing to try to understand them so as to derive something of worth from them and integrate into your own life those elements from them you find meaningful.


Seed Degree: Libra – 26


Down the side of a mountain, a stream cascading for hundreds of feet. (Omega Symbol). Taking in the gifts of energy pouring down from spiritual heights, we are become careful and respectful when dealing with any dangerous and/or resistive situations.


A gypsy cart with a campfire near by. (Chandra Symbol). A simple, intimate communing with nature and with those close to us tunes us in to the vast and abundant food which nature has to offer us.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 4


Rustic folk gather many types of wildflowers for a celebration. (Omega Symbol). Being careful and gentle when dealing with the sensitivities of others provides a basis for joining with them to commune with nature.


Mushrooms springing up everywhere. (Chandra Symbol). Tapping in to the fullness of the nurturing energies of the divine mother allows us to let our creativity flow forth from us spontaneously and abundantly.


Omega Oracle


It might be that none of the thorns on this tree will ever hurt anything. Molecules of air and photons of light enjoy playing around the sharp tips, and the points seem to create a coolness and alertness in the air, and at dusk a faint glow.


A man has stopped to feel with his thumb and forefinger the shaft of a thorn. It’s smooth, and faintly red, but in the dusk mostly black. As he slides his fingers down the shaft of the thorn he feels, all over his body the tree caressing him back, with the same gentle smoothness.

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