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* Taurus-17


Degree Angel: Asaliah (a-SA-lee-YAH) Global Transformation, Contemplation, Manifesting/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: A book patiently waiting to spill forth its vast and profound knowledge.


You have accumulated much wisdom in past lives, and continue to do so in this one. There is such a wealth in you that others need, even though ones less perceptive may have no inkling of this. You desire to share, but may often have to wait for the right time and place to do so. The more you accept rather than doubt your worth by freeing yourself of questioning what you have and its value, the more clearly you will be able to pursue your own special path.


Pleiadian Symbol: Light and mirrors dancing with each other.


The joyous bouncing of reflections back and forth which generates a plethora of light and energy. This might create much confusion, but can be a marvelous antidote to anything stagnant, heavy, dull, or overly rigid. A tremendous ability to deflect energy and to keep things in a state of constant movement.


Chandra Symbol: A Pomegranate broken open.


This degree has an inability to hold anything back for long, and is always wanting to break open situations so they may be freed from their restrictions and allow in new possibilities. What is contained in the book of the Omega Symbol is here brought forth.


This degree has a massive fecundity and potential, but possibly suffers from the frustration of being unsure of what to do with all this largess. Another source of frustration could be that it finds others lacking in appreciation of the great value of what it brings forth from itself.


The greatest need here is to be what one is, to accept the self’s abundance and seek inner guidance as to how to develop and use it, and also, at the same time, to place one’s consciousness beyond any attachment to the reactions of others.


Azoth Symbol: An ancient culture is transporting gigantic stones.


Patient effort put forth for an exalted purpose.  You seek out activities that have deep meaning which you can share with others, and are willing to go to any lengths you have to to carry out all work that you do with excellence and careful attention to all details.  You’re also able to induce people to work together when it is for a higher purpose.


Seed Degree: Libra – 14


A storm raging in Antarctica. (Omega Symbol). The conflicts of old and deeply held karmas eventually draw to themselves the exact knowledge needed to heal them.


A chariot pulled by four elephants. (Chandra Symbol). The slow steady traversing of the evolutionary path yields a surprising richness and fecundity.


Fulfillment Degree: Aquarius – 4


After a long journey the source of a sacred river is found. (Omega Symbol). The book’s knowledge is eventually spilled, and becomes a river which we follow to its source.


Many fireflies at dusk. (Chandra Symbol). Each seed of knowledge is revealed as its own gentle little light, all the lights calling to each other across the gulf of night.


Omega Oracle


Waking in the night I heard a sigh, and though it was so faint as to be almost inaudible, I knew at once that it had come from a book which I had never read. The book was actually quite small, and seemed to have grown somewhat smaller over time, I suppose from the wisdom having desiccated somewhat.


Do not suppose that wisdom is ageless – for even though in one aspect it is, in our realm wisdom does, in fact age, and experiences over time a kind of settling, a giving in to gravity, which often produces a sound quite similar to a sigh.

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