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d171 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 21. A geologist studying bands of rock in a cliff. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: YERATEL (YEH-ra-TEL) Silent Partner, Propagation of the Light)


You see how one thing affects another, and how energy builds up in patterns. This intuitive understanding of the past can greatly help you to see where we are now and how we got here. It can also provide us was the key to how to undo or reverse that which needs to be redeemed. You sense all this and use it, though often you may have no idea quite how you do.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is, “Dark river and distant bell.” The dark river makes it difficult to see the currents, or the way ahead. To be carried forward without being able to know where we’re going could evoke fear. The bell, though, calls to us – it’s sound brings hope, and a sense of destination. This degree is compelled to often “work in the dark,” but if the inner voice is faithfully attended to it will guide you into realms of increasing light and clarity.

Pleiadian Symbol: A group of acrobats inventing new routines.

Azoth Symbol: Words written for specific people of future generations.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 6. In a red desert a lush green plantation produced by irrigation. (Omega Symbol). Realizing that we have the power, always, to transcend all limitations, we are able to understanding more deeply the cycles we have been through and how to rise above their restrictions.

A pair of shoes with live wings on each. (Chandra Symbol). Allowing our understanding to fly above the limitations of the rational mind, we hear the call to higher consciousness and are able to successfully navigate all confusions.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 15. A magician’s tower looms above the surrounding landscape. (Omega Symbol). Seeing deeply and clearly into the past we come into a profound understanding of ourselves that frees us to express our creativity in its purest form.

People gathering salt from the ocean. (Chandra Symbol). Eventually our attentiveness to the ringing of the spiritual bell sets up a vibration that clears all chaos and envelops us in harmony, even in the midst of the clouding illusions.


Surfaces continue to pile up as the sea watches. These are not histories with a remembered beginning, but eras, falling randomly out of a vast, nebulous womb. The geologist keeps counting layers, but the bands grow narrower and multiply, the numbers mumbling something. The sea is behind him, and he imagines it waits for him to finish. But the sea never waits – it is only a place where thirsty water can gather to drink as much rest as it needs.

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