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d170 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 20. Worshipers circumambulating a sacred stone. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HAAIAH (HA-ee-YAH) Order From Chaos, Political Science and Ambition)


Though you can’t always define it in a conscious or intellectual way, you sense the inherent meaning of life in a pure, direct manner. You know the magic of simplicity, and how focusing on it can bring everything into harmony. You accept what is, knowing that even if it seems at any moment completely undesirable it is there to encourage evolution.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The expanse of the Himalayas in the distance.” This degree always keeps the cosmic aspect of reality in mind, and knows that there is an underlying spiritual foundation to everything. The question is whether this person feels connected to and able to work with those spiritual realities or experiences them as being at a distance and inaccessible.

To connect to such realities is not easy, for it means the unknown must be entered, risks taken, and experiments attempted, which could lead to the very real possibility of temporary failure. If fear of doing these things wins out, then the illusion of the remoteness and inaccessibility of these realms will be clung to, as a means of “playing it safe.” This will result in frustration and lack of fulfillment, until the path into the expanded realities of the unfamiliar is finally followed.

Pleiadian Symbol: A caravan of gypsies traveling across a vast prairie.  The willingness to keep moving and to explore.

Azoth Symbol: A man crawling out through a hole in the top of his head.   Ability to access realms beyond the physical.

Seed degree: Scorpio 24. Gold turning back into lead. (Omega Symbol). Having experienced the completeness of cycles, we turn our attention away from their processes and toward the center of pure consciousness around which they all evolve.

Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains. (Chandra Symbol). What we need to survive and to thrive is always near at hand. Realizing this helps us to stay focused on spiritual realities.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 15. A platinum crucible. (Omega Symbol). Focusing on the truth that the spiritual is always manifesting in physical reality, we become increasingly receptive to the creativity and inspiration of the spiritual light,

His best friend sings a song at his funeral. (Chandra Symbol). Knowing that even though spiritual realities may appear to us as distant, we are inspired to tune in to them and to realize that they are, in fact, right here – we dwell in them – and may tune in to them to help us through all transformations and to inspire others.


The destination is the stone, but the way is forever around it, the stone never reached until it is found – a jewel in the heart.

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