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* Cancer-15


Degree Angel: Yehuiah (yay-Hoo-ee-YAH) Revealing the Dark Side, Subordination to Higher Order, Transforming/Inspired




Omega Symbol: A man in an air-conditioned space suit crossing the desert.


You can be at home wherever you go, can make yourself comfortable anywhere, and find nourishment even in the most unsupportive of places. Rather than cocooning yourself in the familiar you need to strike out on your own into unknown territory, and can do this if you remember that you will always find what you need to support you in your evolutionary process.


Pleiadian Symbol: After a feast everyone falls asleep.


A full taking in of experience leading to a need for a period of deep digestion and assimilation. Outer satiation carrying one into inner realms.


Chandra Symbol: A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm.


The space suit provides a way of entering into another realm, just as the boarded-up doorway keeps us out of it. We want to explore this new territory, but the sign Cancer loves its security, its safety, its familiar surroundings. And so there is conflict here – should I go, or should I stay. But even if you stay there will always be that nagging urge to go, the doorway will always be there, waiting for you to remove the boards and enter. The need here is to proceed slowly enough that you feel comfortable, and to take with you, if possible, some means of support. Eventually the Cancerian tenacity will carry you through, and great discoveries will be made.


Azoth Symbol: A man seeing through veil after veil of illusion.


Moving through deeper and deeper layers of opacity toward the essence of ultimate spiritual reality.  The continual rejection of any limited view of life, no matter how much veracity it seems to hold.  These veils of illusion equate with the boards over the doorway of the Chandra Symbol.


Seed Degree: Virgo – 2


A table on which many healings have been performed. (Omega Symbol). When you have built up a vortex of positive energy it is possible to move through the difficulties of life cloaked in an aura of protection.


A man hanging upside down from a tree. (Chandra Symbol). When we patiently wait for inspiration and devote ourselves to listening to the light, we discover entrances to higher realms, which, although we have been denied access to them in the past, can be now opened and moved through.


Fulfillment Degree: Sagittarius – 9


An invisible burden carried on the shoulders. (Omega Symbol). As we insulate ourselves more and more effectively from outer difficulties, we come into a deeper awareness of the burdens we are carrying within ourselves.


A man with green skin. He is dressed in leaves. (Chandra Symbol). Finding ways into expanded realities we experience the depth of our connection to nature.


Omega Oracle


There is no sweating in my suit as I walk through the land of nothing. I’m hermetically sealed, starlight and breezes captured within my attire to carry me across the dunes under the burning sun. The surface of my suit is the interface between me and death, for I have realized that the secret to traveling through desolation is to become the oasis. Excuse me, now, for I must return to silence, so as to allow the words echoing through my helmet to subside.@

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