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* Cancer-14


Degree Angel: Vasariah (va-SAH-ree-Yah) Memories, Clemency and Equilibrium, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: In an old display case, a collection of rare mineral specimens.


You are a collector of things, an accumulator. The fearful part of you is backward looking, attached to the past and nostalgic for distant times. The courageous you has the power to learn from what you have accumulated, to study it, see new aspects of it, and to let these findings be the groundwork for a future of higher consciousness.


Pleiadian Symbol: At night a visionary is peering over the curve of the horizon.


Intuitively seeing beyond the physical limits of experience. The expanding of one’s view of reality by going beyond the information provided by one’s senses.


Chandra Symbol: A dried up stream bed covered with smooth rocks.


The Omega symbol is a collection of precious rocks, the Chandra Symbol is a collection of random rocks, which, rather than each being distinct have been worn smooth by water, that is, made more uniform with each other. Either way, we are dealing here with collections of rocks. We admire them in the case of the Omega Symbol, for their beautiful color and striking or unusual form. In the case of the Chandra Symbol, we can admire them for their plainness. The fact that they are rocks and not butterflies means that this degree is about the need for grounding, the need to asses what holds us down and holds us back. – the burdens we have collected, and the insecurities that prevent us from letting them go. As we process these through our emotional body (the stream) they become smooth, meaning the pain wears away, and as we become released from suffering we recognize them for what they are and see fully what they have taught us.


Azoth Symbol: A scroll on the wall. On it in calligraphy is a sacred text.


The continual return to truths that hold meaning for the self, and a gaining of more and more knowledge as they are perceived at deeper and deeper levels.  The scroll carries the “gems of wisdom” found in the display case of the Omega Symbol.


Seed Degree: Virgo – 10


A baby fascinated by many differently colored vials of healing elixirs. (Omega Symbol). Our direct and innocent love of the sensuality of nature impels us to want to get closer to its various manifestations in an attempt to better understand them all.


A pin cushion. (Chandra Symbol). Being a receptacle for the creative and stimulating energies of the universe we move toward sharing these with other people in a smooth, gentle, and easy fashion. Or, on another level, we find methods of temporarily bringing and holding things together until we can accept the way they find each other on their own.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 9


Looking through a microscope, a man sees a woman waving at him. (Omega Symbol). We feel a continuing urge to draw things close to us until, as we relate to them more intimately, we finally feel their spirit and make a deep connection with them.


A hand with six fingers. (Chandra Symbol). The sharp, painful edges of our experiences being worn away, we are able to give to and receive from the universe in a completely open manner.


Omega Oracle


From far-off places they came, crystals bearing their colors dug from the earth, retrieved from caves and mines and stream beds and fallen from the sky. As he looked into the case he saw into the realms from which each one had come, each rock a window into the dark world under foot, or, as with the meteors, the dark worlds above.


The earth pronounces its words slowly – a single one might take a lifetime. Unless, of course, one stepped out of time and caught the echoes of the past, listening into the future.

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