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Virgo – 14


Degree Angel: PAHALIAH (pa-HA-lee-YAH) Victory Over Addictions, Redemption, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A collection of diamonds of many different colors.


The only way a diamond becomes colored is by containing within itself some element that will disrupt, to an extent, the regularity of its structure.  And as diamonds strongly repel negativity we see here that you are able to repel many different types of negative forces.


You may tend, though, to be too much of a perfectionist and too idealistic about too many things.  You need to see that there can be great beauty and value in imperfections, and realize how imperfections can actually assist one’s growth.  Imperfections in fact bring much variety and beauty to the physical world.  And, of course, when we come to no longer need those imperfections they spontaneously fade away.


Pleiadian Symbol: A man writing the history of an old, illustrious family.


You understand the present by a careful and thorough analysis of its roots in the past.  This track through time with its recurring themes is like the long steel screw of the Chandra Symbol.  You have an awareness of the intricacies of group karma and the mutual influence that happens, for better or worse, in clans.


Chandra Symbol: A long steel screw.


If, like the screw, you get into tight situations and mindsets which aren’t serving you, then you need to back out – find the steps that got you there, and reverse them.  The diamonds of the Omega symbol are extremely hard, but their colors are soft. You are trying so hard to connect things and hold them together (the screw), but you need to learn softness to bring balance to this.  If you put the right things together in the right way you will have accomplished something meaningful and enduring, but when things aren’t working, or you find your efforts have been in vain or your experiments have failed, then you need to disperse the resulting darkness, and like the diamonds, let light in, light of other colors, and not just the ones your biases have chosen to paint the world with.


Azoth Symbol: Someone writes a book of imaginary future history.


Potentials can unfold elaborately in your imagination, and this can help give people a clearer sense of where they are going and how they might get there, as well as to avoid roads down which they would rather not travel.  This is the magic of changing the present by selecting and being open to in-streaming patterns of the future.


Seed Degree: Virgo – 12


To test her fears, a woman takes a walk alone at night in a grave yard. (Omega Symbol).  Moving through our fears we gain access to all other negative emotions, for we see that they are all fear-based. Through this we can embrace a whole spectrum of healing energies.


A dog sniffing at a dead animal. (Chandra Symbol). Our curiosity concerning death and the way it inevitably separates us from life causes us to look for whatever we feel will create endurance and certainty in our existence.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 14


A white marble foot glows pink as it turns into flesh. (Omega Symbol). Sensing that the spiritual light light takes on a wide array of manifestations, we eventually allow it to imbue our understanding with a loving aliveness.


Women dressed in black. They are wailing and mourning. (Chandra Symbol). What we intensely and deeply hold on to eventually brings us to confront inevitable loss and the need to clear the emotion of grief which it generates.


Omega Oracle


Impurities within the diamonds – or structural imperfections – are what create the colors, boron giving rise to blue, nitrogen to yellow, or faulty crystal lattices giving birth to red, or pink. Or sometimes color results from exposure to the radiations of uranium, as in the case of green. Hence accidents and irregularities provide a weakness, which allows the invasion of colors.


White diamonds are utterly colorless in their perfection. A rainbow, taking pity on their purity, enters to console them, dancing through.


Azoth Oracle


Tomorus Sentar’s massive “Future History of Aab” must have been printed at some point in time, for the single known copy of this large bound book which is kept in the Library of Peth shows every sign of having been typeset.  But of course, it wasn’t, the proof being that the pages continually change.  Sentar gave precise future dates for all the events he imagined, and whenever one of those dates is reached in real time the corresponding pages in the book disappear.  Irnad thinks this is because the book has a great desire to avoid lies, and so when actual events prove it wrong it automatically retracts from its pages events which are now known to have never happened.


Because of this tendency to continually delete itself one might think that over time the book would become smaller and smaller, but the fact is that toward the end of it new pages continue to appear detailing new imaginary events far into the future.


“I met Sentar once before he died,” remarked Irnad, “a brilliant and visionary man.  He did, though, tend to be impatient, and was always getting ahead of himself.”

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