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Virgo – 13


Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition, Transforming/Receptive




Omega Symbol: A meteorite with the edges worn smooth.


You have a cosmic perspective that can help others to lift up out of their little limiting nightmares and karmic loops.  You combine a coolness and softness with great power and unwillingness to compromise when the issue is important.  You’ve come from afar to give people many things, in fact, whatever they are ready to receive.  It’s only the limits of your earthly personality that could ever get in the way of the power of this – so let those limits go.


Pleiadian Symbol: An angel of harmony comes to clear away confusion.


Giving in to and accepting the possibility for clarity actually catalyzes its manifestation.  Discords can melt and conflicts resolve in unexpected and/or unpredictable ways that come about through tuning into and resonating with a higher reality.  You know and let others know that the resolution to problems need not be complicated, and in fact may be effected through openness to harmonizing cosmic forces.


Chandra Symbol: A man with hair on his back.


On first looking at this symbol and the Omega Symbol together one might think there is no obvious connection between them.  But meteors are very yang, in that they are heavy and metal, and yet soft in that the atmosphere has burned their edges smooth.  And likewise the man of the Chandra symbol is yang in that he is a male, and yet has the soft hair on his back, which is a yang part of the body, with the hair on it being yin, or feminine.


You have the ability to express hard-to-accept truths in a way that softens them.  You do not want to be contentious, or to fight, but you will not give up your position when you think you are right.  Your intense adherence to your own ideas will draw to you tests through which you can learn what you need to change or modify (activities, by the way, which don’t come easily for you) and if you give in to what these tests are trying to teach you and allow the necessary inner transformations to occur, your connection to spirit will be strengthened.


Azoth Symbol: Many bridges connecting the two halves of a city.


A diversified and continually more powerful reweaving of all schisms.  You have the ability to allow things around you to maintain their separateness while still creating channels through which they can be brought together to enrich each other.


Seed Degree: Leo – 30


A poetess wearing rings with large gemstones in them. (Omega Symbol).  Surrounding ourselves with reminders of the eternal and cosmic nature of spiritual realities we both find our power and are able to express it softly and gently.


A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room. (Chandra Symbol). When we create an atmosphere and environment of love the masculine force is softened and balanced, and hence becomes more life-supporting.


Fulfillment Degree: Libra – 14


A storm raging in Antarctica. (Omega Symbol). Learning to take on a vibration of softness and gentleness that is beyond the conflicts of this world, we are then able to make contact with those inner places of great depth and power.


A chariot pulled by four elephants. (Chandra Symbol).  As the masculine energy in us softens and becomes more gentle we find in ourselves an enduring patience that allows us to slowly and steadily progress along our path.


Omega Oracle


Any fall creates wind, long falls generating fiery winds that polish away the harshness of sharp shatterings.


I was a meteorite, stopped by earth.  Impact was a relief, for I’d had enough polishing.  I’d raced toward touching something, anything, craving contact with what I knew not until I touched it.  And now, even though I’m absorbed into this new world, I shall never forget my foreignness, having plunged into my self-made hole, yet feeling other, always other, a dark world unto myself buried in this vaster one.


The fiery winds have smoothed me and now I sleep.  Miraculous, how the world has accepted me.


Azoth Oracle


A river runs through the ancient city of Imaz which has formed itself with bilateral symmetry around the river’s two banks.  On one side of the river all the people are right handed and on the other all of them are left handed.


It is to be seen as well that each half of the city has exactly the same number of inhabitants, and that for every one on one side of the river, for instance a cobbler who has a shop on a certain street three blocks from the bank of the river, there will be found on the other side another cobbler with a shop that is also three blocks away from the opposite bank of the river.


Irnad, hearing of this city, went there to see if the symmetry were perfect, but found rather than a mechanical mirroring of people and dwellings there were all sorts of slight variations which, he felt, actually acted as a kind of stimulation to either side.  He also noted that even though there were many bridges that connected the two halves of the city hardly anyone ever used them, and even though they were rarely crossed they never fell into disrepair.


“It reminds me,” said Irnad, “of the way parallel universes always secretly know each other, even though each fains ignorance of the other’s existence, worlds so often being perfectly content to maintain themselves in a state of discreet co-existence.”

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