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* Taurus-14


Degree Angel: Yelahiah (yay-LAH-hee-YAH) Sweetening Judgment, Karmic Warrior, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A woman making her way to the center of a labyrinth.


There are things in life that magnetize you. Sometimes you don’t even know what they are, but will feel compelled to keep going, almost like a bloodhound trailing a scent. If you try to deny this urge to seek you will experience inner discord until you give into it. You need to be free enough of all commitments to follow these inner urges, if you are to fulfill your destiny.


Pleiadian Symbol: A child building a little sand castle on the beach.


Innocent creativity with no concern for future implication or endurance.  The naivete of this gives it much power.  You’re able to put aside self-consciousness and egotism and deal with anything simply as a form of play, which can bring an unexpected easiness and effortlessness to situations one would have thought would have been difficult, awkward or arduous.


Chandra Symbol: An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner.


What you have to offer the world may seem simple, modest, even common, but has about it the energy of spiritual regeneration and can help others to re-attune to their evolutionary direction -often without even knowing that it is your energy that has catalyzed this. You carry a wisdom that is more profound than it may seem on the surface and which helps exceedingly to remind others of why they’re here. This truly concerns coming back to the center of one’s labyrinth.


Azoth Symbol: A sage looking up toward the summit of a mountain.


Perception of the possibility of reaching higher states of being.  You realize that striving can serve a purpose, and yet if one choses ways to evolve other than striving the same end result can be achieved.  You appreciate end results but realize that as they’re always inevitable its only the processes of life that we need focus on.


Seed Degree: Virgo – 8


People dragging a beached whale back into the ocean. (Omega Symbol). Sensing our own deepest needs we move through all the twistings and turnings of ourselves toward our center.


A man thinking up names for colors. (Chandra Symbol). Trying to express the subtleties of our vision we eventually give up complexity and opt for a sweetly simple giving of upliftment and beauty to others.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 4


An albino woman unaffected by the rays of the Sun. (Omega Symbol). When we find our meaning and purpose deeply and completely, the ego falls away and we no longer need to defend ourselves against the goading influence of selfishness.


A loud roar as a tornado approaches. (Chandra Symbol). Innocently and simply offering what we have to the world draws to us forces to purge our karma.


Omega Oracle


The labyrinth is just a pattern on a floor, drawn with lines to indicate the corridors. As she walks them she can see the center, knows that at any moment she might step over the lines, ignore the labyrinth’s pattern and move directly to the labyrinth’s heart.


But she’s enjoying the twists and turns, enjoying the long journey. And besides, she sees up ahead a lodging house where she can spend the night before continuing her adventure.

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