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* Taurus-13


Degree Angel: Veuliah (vay-OO-lee-AH) Defying Gravity, Prosperity, Transforming/Receptive




Omega Symbol: A fruit that smells terrible but tastes wonderful.


You are aware of the truth that what anything seems to be on first encountering it might be very different from what it really is. You are willing to further pursue things that might have initially repelled you, or which seem unlikely to yield any fulfillment. Through openness, patience and persistence you can find much of great value that you might otherwise have never explored.


Pleiadian Symbol: Sacred artifacts being secretly vacated from a city.


You’re intent on protecting the most meaningful and precious aspects of yourself, and on keeping safe and secure that which is treasured.  You’re a caretaker of whatever you feel merits preservation and are aware that often things need to be hidden to keep them from harm.  Of course all this requires a sensitivity to when things in the outer world are becoming unstable to the extent that such protection is required, and the knowledge of when and where to move to create this safety.


Chandra Symbol: A treatise on imaginary creatures.


This treatise is an exploration of possibilities, a reorganizing of known elements into new patterns and potentials. What results might be grotesque, or beautiful, or both, just as the fruit of the Omega Symbol is at once repelling and yet delicious. Nature is constantly experimenting and it is our destiny to do so as well.


Azoth Symbol: Bright sunlight on white daisies.


A simple, joyous reflection of the divine.  You have a pure, fresh, clean aura about you that repels anything which might muddy or confuse it or create unnecessary complexity.  There’s something utterly forthright about you that is seemingly simple, but which conceals within it much magic and wonder.


Seed Degree: Leo – 26


In a bookstore, a chance meeting of long-lost friends. (Omega symbol). Encountering in life those things we hold dear, we are made aware of the fears and conflicts which thwart our fulfillment.


A fire burns at the bottom of an old well. (Chandra Symbol). A deeply held inward fire blazes forth into flames of creative imagination.


Fulfillment Degree: Libra – 4


By accident, a man finds an invisible tower. (Omega Symbol). As we become more aware of what attracts and what repels us we gain an expanded overview of the terrain of ourselves.


A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face. (Chandra Symbol). The denizens of our imagination emerge from the cave of our psyche and allow us to experience the intensity of our feelings and reactions.


Omega Oracle


It was the serpent who told her how good it tasted. Could she believe him? She smelled death in the fruit, the stench of rot. But she craved something new – a taste of adventure. And even if the serpent lied to her, she could always spit it out. To break the law didn’t she actually have to eat the fruit, did she? Just a little piece on the tongue – that was legal wasn’t it? There was a way to find out. . .

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