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d12-leo 150 150 John Sandbach

* Leo-12


Degree Angel: Mitzrael (MITS-ra-EL) Freedom, Internal Reparation, Transforming/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: In the basement of a house, a secret escape tunnel.


When you grow tired of playing a particular role in life you need a way out of it, so that you may escape into the freedom of your eternal self. When you do so you find new strength and energy, that you can bring back with you to enrich yourself and the world. You can be a master of creative escapism, used therapeutically.


Pleiadian Symbol: Wandering a lawn people watch the stars appearing


Aimless and restful activity without purpose or agenda which invites one into an awareness of the workings of spiritual forces. How vast the lawn and the sky are – like the mouth of the Amazon River of the Chandra Symbol.


Chandra Symbol: The mouth of the Amazon River.


Your consciousness flows out into the universal consciousness. You merge with the sea of being. If you do not give up your ego with its limitations, you will suffer, but if you can let yourself be expansive, generous, and in rapport with creative intelligence you will find bliss. It simply requires faith in the workings of the universe and confidence in your ability to link to those workings.


Azoth Symbol: Golden teeth gleaming as a man laughs.


Joy is a way of manifesting one’s power. Golden gleams and joy escape from the man’s mouth – echoing the escape route of the Omega Symbol. In fact, the escape tunnel might be the man’s throat.


Seed Degree: Leo – 17


A giant squid sleeping in the ocean depths. (Omega Symbol). Desiring to be ourselves and to be able to inhabit a realm that is friendly to us we seek out means of both hiding and escaping from situations that don’t support our integrity.


Elegant black women sitting on a porch and fanning themselves. (Chandra Symbol). Overcoming pretenses and transcending issues of power and control we eventually merge our own stream with that of the collective consciousness.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 11


Three undines guarding a golden treasure at the bottom of a river. (Omega Symbol). Finding a way out of limitations and restrictions we seek out the realm of magic and the spiritual gifts it has to offer.


A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of our limited notions of ourselves we merge with the universal consciousness, which creates in us an acceptance of life as it is, and of the passing of time, and a willingness to use our own past and memories as a support for our life in the present.


Omega Oracle


Secret journeys to destinies unknown. He never wondered how the tunnels got there, arched and bricked and always clean and going to unimaginably distant places. Sometimes he heard waters above him, and the songs of whales and knew he was traveling under a sea – which would explain the tunnel’s having descended for miles and miles, after which he would then reascend, sometimes into cities, ancient ones abandoned in impenetrable jungles or maybe cities of the future sprouting thousands of skyscrapers like weeds in a meadow.


The underground journeys never tired him. It was only after he returned that an unendurable weariness overcame him, lying in his bed, yearning to delve again back into the ground.

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