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d11-leo 150 150 John Sandbach

* Leo-11


Degree Angel: Harahel (HA-ra-HEL) Umbilical Cord, Intellectual Richness, Transforming/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A man using both hands is writing several stories simultaneously.


When you try to control anything, you find that you lose the power of being in the moment and true to yourself. You need to give up control and allow whatever needs to to flow out of you. This can sometimes be scary to do, and if you pull back in midstream and try to reassert control you’ll find yourself stuck in an endless loop. Trusting in the deepest layer of your creative urges is the way out of the problem.


Pleiadian Symbol: In the jungle people and monkeys climbing and swinging on vines.


The desire for free and easy movement in any environment in which you find yourself, and hence the developing of whatever skills you need to successfully navigate the world around you.  Eager participation and exercise of powers.  The cultivation of primitive or animal abilities for the purpose of both survival and play.


Chandra Symbol: A boy removing a thorn from his foot.


Something is bothering you and you’re trying to understand it. This may be something you’re angry about, maybe something you can’t stop thinking about. It’s impeding your forward motion. There’s a need to stop what you’re doing and investigate it. The stopping and focusing on one thing of this symbol is the opposite of the Omega Symbol, where there is a moving forward and a multiple focus. To remove the thorn you may have to dig deeper. You may be writing all those stories in the Omega Symbol because you are trying to keep yourself so busy that you can avoid the pain of the thorn.


In this degree there is always something the person is very sensitive to, and a need to locate and understand that sensitivity. Something is wanting to come out of you: the thorn of the Chandra Symbol, and the stories of the Omega Symbol. So let them.


Azoth Symbol: A milk maid feeding her cows.


To receive sustenance, you must give sustenance. This is the sun degree (11) of Leo and as such represents the whole meaning and purpose behind Leo.  The message here is that to receive we must first give so that the proper karma is generated for receiving.  The boy of the Chandra Symbol must take care of his feet if they are to take care of him and get him to where he is needing to go.


Seed Degree: Leo – 5


Through narrow winding streets a man is following a mysterious woman. (Omega Symbol). As we seek and more deeply find our shadow self we realize that our existence is not just one thing, but rather layers of things all happening simultaneously and ultimately beyond the complete grasp of the rational mind.


A seemingly young man, but with gray hair. (Chandra Symbol). When we are able to see the inequalities between the various aspects of our development we become gradually more balanced, and capable of healing our own understanding by removing whatever false beliefs impede both it and our forward movement.


Fulfillment Degree: Aquarius – 11


A man clearing out his own aura. (Omega symbol). As we increasingly let go of control and let out the stories and dramas stored in our pain body we are imbued with an ever fresher and life-affirming vibrancy.


Crows eating the corn a farmer has sown. (Chandra Symbol). When we clear from ourselves the energies of hurt and anger we come to see how we are in conflict with nature and seek ways to harmonize with it more fully.


Omega Oracle


The eight pens tied to his fingers wave like branches, and even though the air is still in the bedroom where he lays, it is as if a breeze were moving his hands over the pages he fills with words, pens scraping against paper, like wind moving branches against a dark window, plots and descriptions and dialogues unwinding onto the page like balls of thread dropped out of nowhere.


Who is writing? he wonders, but only occasionally, for he’s more entranced with the stories and visions themselves, as they find their way onto the pages, taking on bodies of ink, drying in the candlelight, page after page turning and filling with fresh words, tarnishing ever so slightly, softening to a silvery sheen at their first exposure to air.

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