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* Cancer-11


Degree Angel: Reiyel (RAY-ee-YEL) Removing Hatred, Liberation, Helps to remove obstacles and impediments, and to live in a universe without boundaries, Transforming/Experimental




Omega Symbol: A hidden treasure waits to be found.


You sometimes experience the anxiety of feeling that something is missing, that there is something you need to be doing, or searching for. You’re tuned in to what is missing, and where you feel inadequate. It’s important that you see this as good – something capable of furthering your own evolution rather than carrying it as a burden. You will find your treasure. Have patience and know that it is already yours.


Pleiadian Symbol: All sorts of emotions flickering over a man’s face.


The free allowing of feelings to move through one and to manifest outwardly. An inability to hide ones true nature and impulses. The inner beautifully and charmingly revealed.


Chandra Symbol: Monstrosities in glass jars in a side show.


This degree tunes in to the anomalies, quirks, and unusual aspects of existence. Through exploring abnormalities it comes to know itself, and comes to better understand the human standards that have judged certain things as abnormal. It looks beyond human bias to try to comprehend the deeper meaning and purpose of existence. This is the hidden treasure waiting to be found.


Azoth Symbol: A man in deep trance attuning to the center of our galaxy.


Going directly to source as a means of receiving deep nourishment.  The Galactic Center is the hidden treasure waiting to be found of the Omega Symbol.  It is the angelic forces of the Galactic Center that reveals all of the pathologies of the Chandra Symbol for this degree.


Seed Degree: Leo – 4


A forest of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy. (Omega Symbol). Constantly empowered by our sense of purpose, we are able to patiently and confidently focus on our life quest, knowing that whatever we are needing to find we will find.


A gardener collecting cow manure. (Chandra Symbol). Knowing that everything is in some way useful and can teach us something, we are unafraid to look at the failures and strange, inexplicable accidents with which life is fraught.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 9


A gigantic sleeping Buddha carved of stone. (Omega Symbol). More and more as we progress we realize that the treasure we are looking for is within, and that we are only lost when our consciousness is eclipsed by the illusions of the material world.


A solid gold egg. (Chandra Symbol). From experiencing the seeming inconsistencies and mysteries of life we increasingly tune into pure truth, and grow increasingly comfortable with just being ourselves.


Omega Oracle


Precious objects, encrusted with human desire, so much longing, so many fantasies, now able at last to rest for several millenia, or maybe forever, allowing the human dreams that cling to them to evaporate, erasing themselves slowly, inevitably, from human memory, in a secret compartment, behind a stone wall, in the ruins of a temple, or deep beneath the sands of a desert, or floating through space in a capsule, or in a tomb, hewn into rock and then sealed, the entrance carefully concealed. All treasure is patient.”

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