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* Cancer-10


Degree Angel: SEHEIAH (say-HAY-ee-YAH) Soul Mats, Longevity, Releases body and mind from negative emotions, Interacting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: An artist making shadowboxes in which he is placing collages and various small objects.


You have a unique way of combining things, a way that can bring forth new ideas and possibilities. Your energy can startle others, catching them off guard and helping them to confront whatever they’ve been avoiding. You are a revealer of the strangeness of life, which helps people get beyond their neat and usual structures.


Pleiadian Symbol: A rough diamond with a groove carved around it so that it may be worn on a cord.


The firm grasping of true and real values in a practical rather than abstract way. The tendency to casually treat even the most valuable ideas, so that others are encouraged to work with them in a hands-on manner.  An extreme of being casual and of rejecting all formality and frills.


Chandra Symbol: A violent hail storm.


The Chandra symbol represents a release of nature, whereas the Omega Symbol represents the opposite – a collecting together of things. The hail storm is violent, the making of the shadow boxes a quiet process requiring patience. This degree is about coming to know the self through witnessing what we collect together and how we arrange it in our life, and also about the need to purge oneself periodically – especially one’s emotional body.


Hail – which is ice – is water that has become solid, that is, taken on the characteristics of the earth element. And so ice falling from the sky signifies the grounding of emotions, grounding them by letting them out, by expressing them, by standing aside and letting them find a way out of the self. It is through this we maintain our integrity and uniqueness, which is then expressed through the making of the shadowboxes.


Azoth Symbol: A tree of ripe fruit discovered by hungry birds.


The mind finding information and experience with which to nourish its own thoughts.  Direct and natural gratification of desires that happens quickly and spontaneously.  The lack of formality here is echoed in the uncut diamond of the Pleiadian Symbol.


Seed Degree: Cancer – 22


A man collecting shadows. He is putting them in a bag. (Omega Symbol). Collecting up all our dark and hidden aspects, we then have material with which to form cohesive pictures through which to communicate what is at work inside us.


Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring. (Chandra Symbol). When one find a peaceful and clear environment in which to thrive and be content, repression can be let go of and any power surges of “emotional weather” can be withstood.


Fulfillment Degree: Cancer – 9


A man shaking dew off orchids into a glass vial. (Omega Symbol). Through understanding the way the symbols and images of our psyche are organized we are able to grasp its vibrant, living essence.


A skeleton playing a flute. (Chandra Symbol). Intense emotional purgings help us to overcome the fear of change, and through joyfully encouraging them, to reinforce and intensify the process of change.


Omega Oracle


The shadowboxes were narrow worlds, each sealed behind a glass front. Often people sent him objects they felt he might like, strange and curious objects which seemed attracted to him like bees to a hive. He introduced the most unlikely objects to each other, objects that once they came together formed surprising and unsuspected constellations that seemed to grow imaginary histories out of themselves, frozen dramas, trapped in the shadowboxes amber.

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