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Planets activating the Node/Ascendant midpoint (☊ ASC)

Planets activating the Node/Ascendant midpoint (☊ ASC)

Planets activating the Node/Ascendant midpoint (☊ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The ability to let go of one’s ties and attachments with the past and to then allow the identity to re-form in a way more in alignment with one’s true, spiritual self. This combination is an index of the extent to which one’s connections with others affect one’s sense of who one is.

Process: The letting go of past identities and the forming of a new one which will serve one’s current process of spiritual evolution. The seeking of connections with people who will support one’s identity, either in a healthy, evolutionary way, or in a way that serves to retard the growth of one’s identity.

Sun: To be aware of and objective about how one’s connections to others affect one’s identity. At worst one chooses connections that build one’s ego and sense of self-importance and which reinforce one’s ties to the past.

Moon: The emotional need to seek out connections with others that reinforce one’s identity. The problem is that you may be attracted toward those who actually encourage you to be more tied to the past so that your growth is inhibited, and you may do this because the connection feels nurturing when in fact it ultimately isn’t.

Mercury: A mind strongly influenced by identifying with the past on the one hand, but which which is, on the other, aware of the need for growth and progress.
A mind limited and restricted by clinging to old and worn-out concepts about the self, but which can become clear, powerful when it opens to the possibilities of growth and change of one’s self-concept.

Venus: Relationships that encourage one to grow, or which may encourage one to betray oneself by avoiding evolution. The latter type will always eventually feel more and more unfulfilling, which will encourage one to seek the former. The ability to appreciate how one’s identity has been formed by one’s past, as well as perceiving the need to allow one’s identity to grow. True love enlarges the identity.

Mars: The need to take chances when one acts and to let go of limited and/or restricted beliefs about what one is or isn’t capable of. Striving either to hold on to old aspects of one’s identity, or to build a new identity for oneself.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm for allowing one’s personality and self-concept to grow. Negatively to overcompensate for problems which arise in one’s life by trying to hold on more and more tightly to old ways of seeing and defining oneself.

Saturn: To be afraid of letting go of parts of one’s identity that need to change. Frustration and/or sorrow about one’s identity being attached to the past. Slow, careful and gradual growth of the personality.

Chiron: One’s vibration spontaneously helps others to relate to their own past in a more healing manner and to identify more strongly with those energies which will most help them to evolve.

Uranus: Allowing oneself to be free, open, and uninhibited helps one to let go of the past and to see oneself in new and life-supporting ways. An intense desire to free oneself from the past, but often rebellion only attaches one to it more closely. Sudden and surprising changes in the growth of one’s personality, and the more one allows these to happen the greater the benefit one will receive from them.

Neptune: The ability to see the subtleties of how one’s identity has been formed by one’s past, as well as to perceive the hidden and/or concealed energies that have formed one’s sense of self. The development of one’s intuition tends to help one to see oneself in a new, more expanded and more spiritual way.

Pluto: To feel an intense identification with the past, and the need to look deeply at that attachment so that you may come to a true understanding of it. The past does not allow you to overlook or avoid it — it must be dealt with before you can more on, and you have an obsessive, overpowering need to move on. To be potently impacted by how others see you, either for better or worse.

Midheaven: Spiritual development is either enhanced or impeded by how one see’s oneself. Allowing one’s personality to continually die to what it no longer needs and to re-form in a way that is increasingly attuned to spiritual realities is one’s path in this lifetime.

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