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Planets activating the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint (ASC MC)

Planets activating the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint (ASC MC)

Planets activating the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint (ASC MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The ability to integrate greater and greater amounts of wisdom and knowledge into one’s personality. The ways in which one’s personality either serves and fosters one’s evolution or limits it. The pressure which the Spiritual Light exerts on the personality to induce its growth. The growth of the understanding of the meaning and purpose of all one’s relationships. At worst this combination may manifest as a schism between the real self and the idealized self, rendering progress very difficult. At best the idealized self gradually seeps into the real self, transforming, enlarging and uplifting it. Identification with one’s career.

Process: The increasing ability to allow one’s identity to be determined, conditioned and guided by spiritual forces. Allowing one’s identity more and more to exemplify and express one’s spiritual self.

Sun: The ability to be conscious and objective about one’s own evolution. The need for one’s major goals in life to be one’s that further one’s development rather than just safely and easily reachable ones. Egotism standing in the way of personal progress.

Moon: Staying in tune with one’s emotions and maintaining awareness of what is going on in one’s inner life enhances positive personality changes and promotes personal growth.

Mercury: How one thinks about things and the ideas that one adopts either serve to enhance or frustrate personal growth. Enhancement happens when one is willing to let go of ideas that no longer serve one, and remain flexible in one’s thinking. Otherwise this combination might degenerate into a mere cleverness at avoiding personal growth.

Venus: The continual enlarging and refining of one’s ability to love and to appreciate life furthers soul growth. Negatively, one may retard one’s personal progress through laziness or an over attachment to comfort and what is easy. Superficial pleasures and loves may be in danger of retarding one’s evolution.

Mars: Working to evolve. Either one finds effective ways of constructively evolving, or one does too much or works too hard or is impatient and impulsive in such a way that spiritual progress is frustrated or slowed. One needs to not over-identify with the fruits of one’s efforts, or with one’s failures.

Jupiter: An overcompensating personality frustrates spiritual growth. One is enthusiastic to evolve, but if one engages in excessive effort along these lines then evolution may be retarded. One is given many chances in this lifetime to grow, and needs to make use of them rather than waste them, but must also beware of spreading oneself too thinly and of becoming involved in too many things. Excess here frustrates progress.

Saturn: A feeling that there is an unbridgable rift between who one is versus who one wants to be and could be. Spiritual progress wants to be slow, steady, and grounded. Identifying with negativity cuts one off from spiritual progress.

Chiron: One’s vibration helps others to subtly align their identity more closely to their spiritual self. Chiron heals on this midpoint by helping others (to the extent they are ready and can) see beyond the limits of their own identity into the greater spiritual realities beyond.

Uranus: One evolves through allowing oneself to be one’s own unique self and to be free. Evolution may happen suddenly and/or erratically and through the vehicle of inspiration. One may have an unusual relationship to spiritual realities, and this can help others to see life and reality in a new and fresh way.

Neptune: Tuning in to subtle energies and developing one’s psychic sensing can greatly further the spiritualizing of one’s personality. As one sees subtler and subtler aspects of one’s identity one is able to let go of limiting self-notions and rise above the restrictions of one’s personality. Identifying more and more with cosmic realities serves to further the spiritual work one is engaging in in this lifetime.

Pluto: One has extremely strong personality traits which can cause one to resist spiritual growth, if one is fearful, but which can help one to grow if one is willing to delve into the depths of one’s obsessions to understand and release them at a very deep level.

Node: One is growing into being able to be more and more deeply aware of the limits of one’s personality and the way in which it allows in or shuts out spiritual energy. The need to let go of old and worn-out self concepts and how they cause one to relate to the world and let a new identity continuously form, an identity determined by one’s current spiritual needs.

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