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(69) Lunar Mansions 22-24

(69) Lunar Mansions 22-24

(69) Lunar Mansions 22-24 150 150 John Sandbach

Lunar Mansion 22: (Ruler: Pluto): This person is restless and constantly searching deeper and deeper in an attempt to grasp the truth of reality. He goes so far that he wears himself out – but this is exactly what he needs to do. He has the ability to change society from within it, and so may be drawn to conservative institutions as vehicles through which he can further social growth. The limits and restrictions of conservatism are like a cocoon to him which, even though they restrict him for awhile will provide a structure from which he will eventually burst forth.

This person craves change and transformation, and if he follows his instincts these will come to him naturally. If he tries, though, to maintain control it will only generate pain and suffering. He needs to let go of his attachment to intellectual constructs and his own sense of his self-importance. Instead of these he will find his highest fulfillment when he focuses on giving to others.

The conflict here is between the urge to be an agent of transformation through being selflessly generous, and the dysfunctional inclination to wield power through overcompensating egotism. These are the positive and negative manifestations of the planet Pluto.

Lunar Mansion 23: (Ruler: Jupiter/Libra): This person is drawn to cultivating a particular skill so he can use it in the world. He naturally feels a responsibility to develop this specific talent and then to practice it. The work he performs often produces results he didn’t expect – new ideas or new relationships that are valuable and which captivate others. His inspiration is at its purest when it is unselfconscious and simply emerges as he applies himself to his chosen work.

Through his efforts he can discover profound meaning in life. If, though, he allows his ego and its thirst for power and adulation to dominate, he will then TRY to create meaning, rather than just allowing it to reveal itself. If he does this the results will be dull, mechanical, trite, and ultimately lack the spark of creativity. The creative frustration generated by these ego-driven efforts will accumulate and weigh heavily on him, creating dark, pessimistic feelings that oppress him and which he will be unable to release until he lets go of his desire to manipulate and control.

At his worst he will try to compensate for his disattunement with his own creativity by becoming very ambitious and competitive, and even if this leads him to superficial success in the world, he will know that the results are only superficial and will never feel truly fulfilled by them.

The key to the spiritual fulfillment of this person is to concentrate on the efforts he puts forth and the joy of doing, rather than on end results. At his most creative, he will never exactly know where he is going or all the implications of what he’s doing until the creative act is complete. If he tries to achieve a particular result, he is in fact limiting and stifling the manifestation of his genius, and cutting himself off from the surprises and wonders that his creativity can manifest.

Lunar Mansion 24: (Ruler: Venus/Libra/Pisces/Virgo): This person is tuned into and appreciative of the past. He wants to retrieve from it what is best and most valuable and bring it back to life. Through doing this he has the power to change the world – most especially by providing society with a basis or foundation for future growth.

He wants to find a way of living that is meaningful and ideally rooted in some tradition and which he can use to structure his life. Whatever this way of living is, it needs to embrace all of life, rather than just being a part of it.

As he becomes more and more adept at living his code, he eventually can become a fine teacher of it, imparting this wisdom of the past, expressed in a new way through him, to his students. He is not one to focus on concepts or abstract ideas, but teaches best through examples, hands-on activities, and his own behavior.

The energy of this phase is about bringing order and meaning to society.

When not in tune with his true self he can become self-righteous and demanding, as well as destructively critical of what other people are trying to do. This can then drive people away from him and cause him to eventually become isolated and misanthropic.

At best he is an upholder of what is most worthwhile in society, a fine teacher, an example setter, and a leader. At worst he allows his egotism and feelings of superiority to negate what he could give to the world, and to isolate him.

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