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(68) Lunar Mansions 19 – 21

(68) Lunar Mansions 19 – 21

(68) Lunar Mansions 19 – 21 150 150 John Sandbach

Lunar Mansion 19: (Ruler: Leo): This person sees at least a part of himself in all situations and tends to express that part with great force and drama. Through doing this he sheds light on everything and everyone – as Leo always wants to do. This can help others to see themselves more clearly.

This person has a tremendous amount of personal power, which he can use for good or ill. His constant goal should be to use this power to raise the vibration of all around him so that he incurs good karma.

This person needs to always be seeking truth, which is right there inside him waiting to be discovered. When he abandons his interest in truth and instead seeks only to dominate and control others he becomes disattuned to himself. When he allows himself to be a mirror that reflects spiritual light to others he is doing what he came here to do. He has the ability to intensify situations to the point of transmuting them, and by doing so revealing the cosmic aspects of every experience. If he can be real, it will induce others to be even more real. If he loses himself to power and turns phony, he merely proliferates negativity.

Lunar Mansion 20: (Ruler: The Moon): This person has a creative vision which he needs to express in the outside world, and if he does not do so, the resultant frustration can be poisonous. It is right and natural for him to immerse himself in his creative activities with great intensity and power of feeling.

He can experience problems though, if success comes to him too readily, or if the opposite happens and he finds success difficult to achieve. He needs to realize that whether or not he achieves success does not ultimately depend on what goes on in the outer world, but is actually a projection of his own inner needs. When he experiences success, he needs to own his power, abilities and worth, and when failure comes he needs to see that it serves a higher purpose, and that its source is himself.

At worst, he projects his inner conflicts out onto the world and fails to realize that their source is inside him. In dissociating from his problems in this manner he may then blame the world for not recognizing him or valuing him as much he feels he should be. The one thing he needs most to avoid is identifying himself as a victim. If he does this he may then try to seek revenge, which will just perpetuate the cycle of bad karma. The fact is, he is never a victim of anything other than his own inner discord which he himself has the power to heal.

When in a state of discord his painful emotions may distort the facts of outer experience, which can blur the distinction between inner and outer realities.

Getting in touch with the inner conflicts going on inside him and then learning how to resolve them will free him to express his creativity in its highest and purest form.

Lunar Mansion 21: (Ruler: The Sun): This person naturally projects structure and order onto the world, just as the Sun is the ordering principle of our solar system. He is a revealer of the meaning of life, just as the light of the Sun dispels all shadows. When true to himself he exudes confidence and certainty and sees everything around him as fitting into the order he is creating, and though he works with tremendous complexities his ultimate results are unifying and simplifying. His contributions to society tend to be what the world is in need of right now at the moment. Although he is aware of the past and the future he doesn’t let them distract him from what he knows he needs to do in the present.

He wants to BE someone important but the fact is, he already is – if he will just allow himself to live it. If he doesn’t realize his own inate importance, though, he may try to achieve a personal uniqueness through attempting to rebel against society and its standards. At worst this can cause him to come across as phoney, superficial, and insincere. What is really going on here is that he is trying to hide his light under a bushel – which is completely against the Sun’s natural inclination.

He is at his best when he focuses on his own ideas and concepts and allows his power to shine without trying to MAKE it shine. He can dominate problems through his wonderful simplicity that can shine on and illuminate everything.

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