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(147) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 16 – 20

(147) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 16 – 20

(147) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 16 – 20 150 150 John Sandbach

Phase 52. Passion (Ayin Mem Mem)

Angel: Imamiah (ee-MA-mee-Yah) Expiation of Errors

Sagittarius 16. A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Yeiazel (YAY-ah-ZEL) Speaking the Right Words, Divine Consolation and Comfort)

This degree has a wonderful aliveness that allows and supports the flow of creative energy. It is a degree of fortuitous occurrences, which are allowed room to happen because creativity is engaged in with a minimum of expectations. What seems ended goes into a new cycle of growth, and what seems exhausted of possibilities suddenly and surprisingly spawns new potentials. Its all about attitude.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man shearing sheep.” The man is borrowing from another life form what can be useful and protective to himself. This is a degree of adopting and adapting. The wand of the Omega Symbol has been taken from the tree, just as the wool is taken from the sheep in the Chandra Symbol. And the wand is now sprouting new growth, taking on a new form in the golden leaves, just as the wool can take on the form of coat, hat, rug, etc. This degree finds materials everywhere which it uses to form new creations. And, of course, the sheep is the creature of Aries, signifying a new cycle of growth.

Pleiadian Symbol: An albatross circling voyagers to Antarctica.

Azoth Symbol: Thoughts being exchanged by many people over great distances.

Seed degree: Libra 9. A healer who knows the secret of working with people’s breath. (Omega Symbol). Moving the breath through the body carries healing energy to all parts, bringing renewal to the magician’s wand.

A cook fixing vegetable soup from a myriad of ingredients. (Chandra Symbol). Nourishing others, we then karmically draw to ourselves whatever we need to survive.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 22. A man collecting shadows. He is putting them into a bag. (Omega Symbol). The magician’s wand can now separate the darkness from the light.

Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring. (Chandra Symbol). When we work hard to create, (the man shearing sheep) we eventually arrive at a beautiful, easy, and effortless state.

Sagittarius 17. A flame dancing at the top of a man’s head. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Hahahel (HA-ha-HEL) Self-Esteem, Mission)

This degree lives in a state of being constantly reminded of source, of the spiritual light from which all has been generated. It realizes that no matter how diverse or in conflict the world of phenomenality may seem, that all is ultimately one, and that union with the light is a fact which we only need acknowledge to dispel darkness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A monkey dressed in a brocade coat.” The monkey is dressed in a refined and sophisticated garment but beneath that garment he is wild, playful, and free. This degree often clothes itself in outer trappings that are unlike its true nature. This is a means of hiding, when needed, as well as taking on roles just to imagine what it would be like to be something else very different from the self. It is good to be a light in the world, just as the man of the Omega Symbol has become like a candle. His flame is not steady – it dances, and as it dances at his crown chakra what is signified is the highest most spiritual type of play. Life is always and eternally joyful, and only becomes serious when we lose contact with this truth.

Pleiadian Symbol: Sunlight flooding an altar covered with flowers.

Azoth Symbol: In a fireplace a fire flares up for a moment and a baby phoenix hops out of it.

Seed degree: Libra 21. The sea as still as a mirror. (Omega Symbol). When inner stillness is achieved, our whole being lights up (the flame at the top of the man’s head).

A magician wearing a live snake for a belt. (Chandra Symbol). Enveloped in wisdom (the snake) we are then free to play with outer forms (the monkey in the brocade coat).

Fulfillment degree: Leo 22. A giant temple with many layers. It is in the shape of a mountain. (Omega Symbol). When we focus on the highest, (the flame at the top of the man’s head), the harmony of the highest shines down through all other levels of our being.

An alligator swims slowly through a swamp. (Chandra Symbol). Allowing ourselves to play with various roles and costumes (monkey in brocade coat), we come closer to knowing who we are and living in our power.

Sagittarius 18. A satyr chasing young maidens who are laughing and screaming. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Mikael (MI-ka-EL) Revealing the Concealed, Political Authority and Order)

This degree evokes the energy of a realm before civilization, a time when all were free to play and be themselves. This refreshing vibration touches the child in all of us, and helps others find healing through play. It can untwist the restrictive convolutions of the intellect and undercut fear – loosening up the soul so it is free to breathe again. The joy of sexual, sensual, and erotic energies, expressed playfully, bring constant release and refreshment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Rose petals scattered on a path.” To make the way easier, more beautiful, so that it is not just a means to a destination but a joy to travel – this is the ideal of this degree. The rose petals lead us onward – they are love, and when we follow what we love as our own true path then we are at harmony with the world. This degree is a fine antidote to the grim and compelling agendas with which the world so often oppresses us.

Pleiadian Symbol: A man puts his ear to a daisy. Yes, it is laughing.

Azoth Symbol: A love letter stuck in a holy book.

Seed degree: Scorpio 3. A mysterious food, a small piece of which will satisfy hunger for days. (Omega Symbol). Once the soul is truly and deeply nourished, it is then free to play.

Pigs being fed. (Chandra Symbol). When our appetites are satisfied, the path forward becomes easier, so that we can more easily see its beauty and feel its love.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 22. A fruit whose seeds always produce a new and different type of fruit. (Omega Symbol). Allowing ourselves to be playful and uninhibited we find our creativity expanded and enhanced.

A woman writing with the tip of her fingernail. (Chandra Symbol). When love softens the path, we are more able to clearly see the messages that chance and coincidences are pointing out to us.

Sagittarius 19. An old abandoned garden, everything under a blanket of ivy. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Veuliah (vay-OO-lee-AH) Defying Gravity, Prosperity)

This degree wants to let everything be what its going to be – without coercion, effort, cultivation, or manipulation. It manifests a genuine naturalness that can sooth others and encourage them to be themselves. This is not a case of laziness, but rather a desire to not impose the self on the world, so that the world is free to go its own way. The agendas of nature are here allowed to take precedence over the egoic agendas of the self.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach.” Things not usually or often seen are revealed. This degree is about bringing things to the surface, especially those things that are hidden in the depths of the self.

The sea creature is not monstrous to itself or its own kind, or to the others of its natural environment – it is only our fears that turn it into a monster. As we study it we begin to take in its beauty and to realize that there are other worlds where energy and consciousness has assumed forms far different from our own. How enriching! In this way we expand our vision of the universe and are more able to accept what comes our way and just let things be whatever they are, and whatever they want to become as time passes, like the garden of the Omega Symbol.

Pleiadian Symbol: An island where birds thought to be extinct have secretly taken refuge.

Azoth Symbol: A man suddenly notices that a woman he’s known for a long time is beautiful.

Seed degree: Scorpio 15. Intently and faithfully a man observes is own breath. (Omega Symbol). A sensitivity to the process of transformation brings whatever needs to come out to the surface.

A woman with a gold tooth. (Chandra Symbol). Reclaiming one’s power allows one to address old patterns and syndromes.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 22. A man avoiding moonlight. (Omega Symbol). When we attune ourselves to the forces of nature we’re better able to protect our own vulnerabilities.

An ancient glass vial perfectly preserved. (Chandra Symbol). Allowing whatever wants to reveal itself to do so helps us to protect what is most fragile and vulnerable within us.

Sagittarius 20. A clear, yellow gem fallen from heaven. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Yelahiah (yay-LAH-hee-YAH) Sweetening Judgment, Karmic Warrior)

The mind of this degree is uninfluenced by the minds of others, or by any other accepted or traditional ways of thinking. This is the degree at its most developed. Even, though, when muddied by the confusing overlays of other frequencies, there is still a pure, joyous, positive ray that comes through – no matter how faint it may be – with a crystalline self-assurance born of contact with the divine.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The changing of water into wine.” Both the Omega and the Chandra Symbol are gifts, the gem a gift from above, the wine the gift of a miracle. Christ changed the water into wine at a marriage, so that the guests would have enough to drink. The fact of this sharing is the key to this degree, which generates nourishment for the purpose of bringing others together and providing them with rewarding and fulfilling experiences.

Water signifies feelings, and there the feelings are intensified and imbued with an intoxicating richness. The bland and common are transformed into vivid and wonderful experiences. This degree teaches, often without knowing it, that this is something we all have the power to do.

Pleiadian Symbol: Through a wall of ice a crystal city sparkles in sunlight.

Azoth Symbol: A man attempting to make robots that are ever more complicated.

Seed degree: Scorpio 27. At a country fair, some people are clothed, others are nude, all wear flowers. (Omega symbol). A clear mind attuned to the divine allows a free and joyous sharing between all people.

Three blue robin eggs. (Chandra Symbol). Embracing life passionately and drinking it in we are able to arrive at a creative simplicity and integrity.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 22. A mountain of old shoes. (Omega Symbol). Attunement to divine mind allows us to throw off all worn-out forms of understanding.

A rug woven of rags. (Chandra Symbol). Taking in emotional nourishment, we are able to let go of old identities and use them as a basis for understanding who we really are.

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