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(146) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 11 – 15

(146) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 11 – 15

(146) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Sagittarius 11 – 15 150 150 John Sandbach

Phase 51. No Guilt (Hey Chet Shin)

Angel: HAHASIAH (he-HA-see-Yah) Universal Medicine

Sagittarius 11. A woman perceives her seemingly mundane world as beautiful and mysterious. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Chavakiah (cha-VA-kee-Yah) Sexual Energy, Reconciliation)

Beauty is a state of mind that is ever present and waiting to be entered. This degree knows instinctively that beauty is within the self and if allowed to shine forth will transform everything it touches. Rather than needing to strive to capture beauty, this degree knows that beauty is to be found by allowing the self to be captured by it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A string of pearls.” You naturally realize that all wisdom is the connected, that it is inherently all the same. Everything is permeated with wisdom. The big question, then, is how deeply do you go into it? For wisdom has different levels, and takes on different colors in different contexts. If you do the same thing over and over, such as read the same book, you gain nothing new from it unless you allow yourself to go deeper, and deeper is exactly where you need to keep going, so that you move from the surface reflection of the pearls into their center.

Pleiadian Symbol: In an old abandoned house a man finds a candle burning.

Azoth Symbol: Wrestlers inventing new ways to entertain spectators.

Seed degree: 9 Leo. A gigantic sleeping Buddha carved of stone. (Omega Symbol). Attuning to deep passivity we find that recognition of the ever-present silence washes clean our perceptions of the world.

A solid gold egg. (Chandra Symbol). From the pure and potent source of all wealth emanate the ten thousand truths.

Fulfillment degree: 21 Aquarius. A numerologist at work on a tropical island. (Omega Symbol). Finding beauty and wonder everywhere we play in the realms of abstract and manifest reality.

A beautiful woman dressed in white. She is wearing a large silver crescent on her head. The crescent is turned upward. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing the same truth reflected in everything evokes in us forgiving, receptive spirit.

Sagittarius 12. Reaching up, a man writes on the sky. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Menadel (Meh-na-DEL) Fear(less), Inner/outer work)

This degree knows that isolation and distance are illusions, that we are only as separate from others, or from ourselves as we think we are. It is our belief in our separateness that creates walls between ourselves and the rest of life/ When this belief is let go of the walls disappear and we find ourselves in communion with the whole world.

This degree has the ability to have a big impact on many people – that is the significance of its writing being in the sky, where so many can see it. The best you can do here is to keep your words positive so that their positive effect will return to you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Icicles melting.” The icicles are frozen water, water signifying the emotions. Here, as they lose themselves they shorten and as they do so they move closer to heaven. The water wanted to fall to the ground, but the freezing temperature stopped it. It is your own loving warmth that helps both yourself and others to let go of stuck feelings, so that gravity may take them to earth to nourish life, and so their sharpness can be melted away and allowed to flow again. At your purest, you bring into the world a sense of Spring, wherever you go. Ego dissolves in the light.

Pleiadian Symbol: A flag made of feathers comes loose and floats away.

Azoth Symbol: Water trickling off a series of high cliffs.

Seed degree: 21 Leo. On top of a mesa a lake of pure deep blue. (Omega Symbol). Emotions are purified by spirit, which creates a desire to share them with the world.

A holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow. (Chandra Symbol). The strength of our desire for life eventually melts all held emotions so that they may once again flow.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Pisces. All sorts of things trying to distract a man as he engages in a creative endeavor. (Omega symbol). Allowing ourselves to relate to the whole universe creates in us the need for focus.

A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of all the stuck places prepares us for the task of finding our way back into the Garden of Eden.

Sagittarius 13. Sitting for her portrait, Mona Lisa feels as if millions of people are watching her. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Aniel (AH-nee-EL) The Big Picture, Breaking the Circle)

This degree senses the numberless hidden connections between itself and the world around it, as well as the worlds of the past and future. All currents we carry are automatically sent out and received by a countless number of different consciousnesses. And so one of the greatest magical acts we can perform is to shine the radiance of a smile through all time and space to our countless fellow travelers.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An embalmer at work on a mummy.” Just as Leonardo DaVinci preserved the face of the Mona Lisa for all time, the embalmer does the same with the corpse on which he works. These are ways of holding on to the past by recording it, or meticulously preserving it. Death creates the illusion of complete isolation, and yet in the Omega Symbol of this degree Mona Lisa feels a connection with millions of people.

This degree signifies the deep connectedness that is always there between each and every one of us, and always waiting to be seen and experienced beneath the illusion of separateness.

Pleiadian Symbol: A past life appears suddenly with crystal clarity.

Azoth Symbol: Looking up, a woman sees a butterfly alighting on the outside of a glass dome.

Seed degree: 3 Virgo. A little girl hugs a giant quartz crystal larger than she. (Omega Symbol). When you innocently embrace clarity you automatically enter into an expansive network of communication.

A woman doing delicate embroidery. (Chandra Symbol). The ability to carefully and consciously create any sort of constructs helps us in preserving whatever has come to carry great and importance and meaning for us.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Aries. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. (Omega Symbol). When we come to realize the vastness of our connections with other people through tremendous spans of time bridging other lifetimes, we see that all of our fears have the fear of alienation as their basis, and find ways to clear that fear so that we may experience the fulness of our relationship to the universe.

Puppets coming alive at night. (Chandra Symbol). When what appears to be dead is prepared for a new life, the new life finds it.

Sagittarius 14. A man communicates in graceful sign language. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degee Angel: Haamiah (He-AH-mee-YAH) Circuitry, Ritual and ceremony)

When communication is imbued with beauty and charm, it can captivate. This degree knows how to enhance any exchange of information. It senses that the world around it as replete with signs that are the language creative intelligence uses to communicate with all beings. We may tap into these signs and dance with them, thereby accessing the aliveness and grace of information.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A terarrium filled with carnivorous plants.” This degree has an understanding of the unique needs of many different things, and the types of environments in which they will thrive. It is tuned in to the unique and the unusual, and knows that to nurture special talents and abilities they must be fed food that is different from most.

Also manifested here is a great acceptance of differences, and respect for the experimental nature of evolution. To cultivate that which is unlike the usual is to bring more variety and interest to life, so that we may derive specialized information from sources that are unexpected or even bizarre, but never boring.

Pleiadian Symbol: The full moon, low in the sky, shines on the Great Pyramid, which casts a long shadow over the desert.

Azoth Symbol: Angels taking on new forms.

Seed degree: 15 Virgo. A man wearing paper wings jumps off a cliff and soars through the sky. (Omega Symbol). Finding ways to make ourselves lighter and freer we let go of logic and allow our communicating to become more filled with feeling.

A man inherits a vast fortune. (Chandra Symbol). Realization of the great wealth we possess leads us to the question of what in our lives we are going to foster and cultivate.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Taurus. A man drinking a tonic that causes rainbow colors to spread throughout his body. (Omega Symbol). When we allow the love and warmth of ourselves to flow forth in our communicating we connect with a wide array of healing energies.

A blindfolded woman who sees the future. (Chandra Symbol). To know what is exactly required to foster anything in particular opens us up to seeing the direction in time that thing will take.

Sagittarius 15. Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Rehael (RAY-ha-EL) Diamond in the Rough, Filial Submission)

Although the loss of anything valued can seem like a tragedy, it always clears the way for something else to be gained, and carries a valuable message that needs to be listened to. This degree can deeply understand those messages and perceive how when anything is stripped away, the space opened up is an invitation toward higher consciousness. It is a golden opportunity to assimilate the bliss of non-attachment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tidal wave approaching.” The tidal wave has not reached the shore – it is approaching. It is important to not react to change with panic, but simply to move to higher ground. We are being called on use our intuition in determining that the tidal wave is approaching, or maybe to believe those intuitive ones who are telling us that it’s coming – or maybe follow the animals as they instinctively move to higher ground. Such crises help us to see what is really important, and where our true priorities lie. And though they seem like disasters outwardly, they can bring so much wonderful and refreshing clarity in their wake.

This degree is ready to go at any moment, ready to flow with all great and momentous changes on the way. And, of course the death that we will all experience is also a great tidal wave approaching. It is best with this one, too, to move to higher ground.

Pleiadian Symbol: A bear emerges from hibernation.

Azoth Symbol: An eye hanging in darkness is seeing deeply into reality.

Seed degree: 27 Virgo. A cup made from a skull. It is filled with dark wine. (Omega Symbol). When we make a deep connection with the essence of things we are able to then let to of them.

The magician disrobes. He has no sex organs. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of one’s fear of death and need to have an identity evokes the possibility of massive change.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Gemini. A painting that, once it is seen, cannot be remembered. (Omega Symbol). When we can let go of whatever we are attached to we then can forever see life in a new way and hence be fully in the moment.

A young girl is sold to a sultan. (Chandra Symbol). When drastic situations arise we do whatever we have to to survive.

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