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twvir2/21/2012 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 7. An open-air library, the books magically impervious to the elements.


The library of Chandar is not housed in a building but exists in the open air.  It stands on a beautiful pavement of inlaid stars and complex geometic patterns, which is fully visible since the shelves of the library are invisible, as are the books and their bindings.  It is only the ink of the pages of the books of the library of Chandar that is visible, the words seeming packed densely together and hovering in neat rows in the air.

Scholars and seekers coming here always bring with them a sheet of white paper, which they place behind the page they are reading so as to be able to see the words, elsewise the words on the invisible page would appear to blend in with the pages that follow them.

It has been  noted that the books are indestructible, that no amount of force can tear the page from a book, that no rainstorm, hurricane, earthquake or flood can harm these books, for they have, over time, experienced all these forces unharmed.

The library is vast and said to hold some 50,000 volumes.  No one has any idea whatsoever as to where and how these books were printed, or the invisible shelves manufactured.

What most disturbs researchers, though, is an inexplicable fact:  occasionally, though infrequently, misspellings will be found in one of these books, though a few of the wise say that each seeming misprint is actually purposeful, and secretly alludes to other and hidden meanings.

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