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twlib12/24/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 27. Love steadies a man’s irregular heartbeat.


To the north of Aab in the land of Nevara there blows a wind in autumn which the wise use as an herb to heal the inability to love.  Those whose life is without love are advised by the alchemists of Aab to travel to Nevara and, at the proper time of the year, to breathe for three days the air that blows down from the mountains through the forests.

This air is said to lodge in the heart where it creates palpitations — not the common ones whose irregularities are random, but ones whose rhythm carries messages that the heart is said to hunger after and which it ingests like a precious food.

After a matter of a few days these palpitations subside, and when these sufferers from love lack return to their homes it is soon after that they invariably encounter  as if by coincidence the love of their life.

Of course many come here seeking, but the winds’ power seems to have no effect on those who suffer romantic addiction, or who have the power of finding love on their own.

Serapis says that the winds are like a grain of sand which enter the heart’s oyster, therein creating a most beauteous and invisible pearl, which, to be appreciated must be given.     

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