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twlib11/10/11 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 14. A snake wiggling out of its own skin. Transforming/Responsible)


At every New Moon the wise of Aab gather to discuss their ongoing strategies to plant Earth with those seeds of Light known as sparks. Each of these seeds contain possible worlds which fall into the ground of imagination and there wake to rooting and sending into the outer realm much wonder, depending on the fertility of the soil in which they are implanted and the degree of power the receiver has to foster them.

This process of seeding is highly complex,and when I say it is discussed, I mean with no words, but with exchanged memories of the past, visions of the future and through the infinite alchemy of cross pollenation of light.

These seeds are of infinite variety, some swarming like bees, others light as snow, others drifting like bright dust, seeming to fall at random but each one having at its core a pattern of intent.

The denizens of earth are more prone to receive these at night when consciousness rests and feelings, freed from reason, are allowed to reflect the watery light stored in their depths.

Most beings are not aware of these sparks, but are yet prone to their calling, and often will incubate them for long periods unknowingly. Others, the ones aware of them are known by the people of Aab as gardeners who through their seeing are able to tend the seeds through conscious cultivation.

The more these seeds fall and grow the greater the potential for seeding becomes, and hence the limits to such working become more and more resilient, the restrictions transforming into vaster and vaster lines along which the light might travel with greater and greater freedom.

Irnad refers to this process as light music.

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