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twaqu11/10/11 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 15. An hourglass in which the sand has become stuck. Transforming/Inspired


(From the Journals of Irnad):  Many think darkness is only the absence of light, but to only see light is to half see, for darkness is as living as the light, and like the light manifests as sparks and fires, though their substance be of shadow and not of light.

This confusion arises from the fact that the light we see is not the truest one but actually only a shadow of the Inner Light, which is everywhere and only to be seen by the inner knowing.  This inner light shines both through the outer light as well as outer shadow, and is everywhere to be found.

And so there seems to be two Inner Lights — the Light of Light and the Light of Shadow, the great mystery being that this division is none but illusion, for Light is Light no matter that it play shadow with itself.

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