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tw10/26/2011 150 150 John Sandbach

This section of the Oracle reveals the current energy field through which we are all moving.  Below it you will find the oracle for your individual Sun sign.

New Moon in Scorpio 4. An albino woman unaffected by the rays of the Sun. (Omega Symbol):

The alchemist Piaro Lambeth once generated an homunculus who from birth had been fed only dew collected during the full moon and melons picked only at night and preserved after picking from the rays of the sun. He gave her the name Lunadoria, and she lived her early life in the grotto beneath Lambeth’s house where visitors often came to hear her oracles, which she murmured in some unknown tongue. And even though the visitors never understood the strange words of her pronoucements they found that days later they would dream a clear and vivid answer to their question, which they attributed to the power that her words carried.

One day she asked to leave the grotto and Lambeth consented, feeling that her desire was a sign of her maturing. When she emerged it was noted that even during the day she could not see the sun, and that no matter how much her snow white skin was exposed to sunlight it never showed any signs of burning. And so she wandered the woodlands and the streets of Peth, where she offered her pronouncements to anyone who questioned her.

Being now over 200 years old she appears to have aged in no manner.

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