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0The Quincunx in a Nutshell

0The Quincunx in a Nutshell

0The Quincunx in a Nutshell 150 150 John Sandbach

The quincunx blends two planets in such a way that they keep losing each other and because they do are forced to pick each other back up, again and again. There cannot be steadiness here, but there can be a wonderfully shifting, changing, mutating, regenerating relationship, that grows in power as the person works with it.

The quincunx has gotten bad press because we’re so attached to wanting things to be stable, and certain, and solid. The quincunx is like dancing with an earthquake. It keeps coming at you in different ways, and you just have to keep moving with it, or, if it makes you stumble, get back up and keep dancing.

I have Sun/Jupiter quincunx, and it is a major defining aspect in my chart, for all of my planets are found on one side of this quincunx. So my enthusiasm for goals is something that I am continually losing and having to regenerate.

If an astrologer who was as inspired as I now am would have told me that years ago it would have made life a lot easier.

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