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The Cancer/Capricorn axis

The Cancer/Capricorn axis

The Cancer/Capricorn axis 150 150 John Sandbach

Am looking at a chart with three planets in Cancer and three in Capricorn, forming three neat oppositions. So 60% of this person’s planets are involved in this Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Cancer is the most teachable of the signs because it is the one most willing to learn, as well as the most spiritual. The question is, through what authority and/or system is this learning to occur? Capricorn rules authorities. This individual thirsts to learn (Cancer) but from whom or through whom (Capricorn), and to what end?

This individual needs contact with the RIGHT AUTHORITIES, meaning ones that will guide him in the right way, a way that will encourage his eventual autonomy and ability to make choices for himself. An EMPOWERING AUTHORITY, and not just a DICTATOR. An authority who encourages FREEDOM OF CHOICE and responsibility to oneself rather than blind devotion to the authority.

One of the biggest dangers in this person’s life is the potential of aligning with the wrong authorities, the wrong agendas and policies which will lead to a false sense of security, and then defensively clinging (Cancer) to these seemingly practical but ultimately limiting and retarding belief systems. For that is, on one level what Capricorn is — a set of rules and guidlines used to map out our way forward.

Cancer is the sign of the crab, which has an exo-skeleton. Capricorn rules the whole skeletal structure of the human, which is an endo-skeleton. Cancer is all about growth and expansion, whereas Capricorn is about essentializing and distilling. Cancer seeks security (and finds it through an outer skeleton or shell), and Capricorn seeks what will work, that is, a way of living and being that is viable, and, in its own terms, practical.

Cancer is the most feminine of the signs, Capricorn the most masculine. Cancer is the archetypal mother, Capricorn the archetypal father. This person is seeking a grand synthesis of those energies. And finding it will spell, for him, empowerment.

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